Tell Congress: <br />Protect Workers, NOT Millionaires!
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Tell Congress: <br />Protect Workers, NOT Millionaires!

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Emergency unemployment benefits have expired for 800,000 Americans, and will expire for another 2 million by next year.

Congress' failure to act by November 30th marks the first time in 40 years that Congress has allowed extended unemployment benefits to expire while the unemployment was above 7.2 percent.

Today, national unemployment stands at a stunning 9.6%. Almost one in ten American workers haven't been able to earn enough, or any, income for months on end -- the first time since the Great Depression when so many American's have been out of work for so long.

That's millions of families with no benefits, no money, no hope!

Unlike tax cuts for the rich, these benefits -- $300 a week to workers who haven't been able to work for more than 6 months -- immediately help the economy because it is money that will be spent. But when the benefits expire, as we saw this summer when an extension was blocked by obstructionist Republicans and corporatist Democrats, our economy takes a hit.

Tell Congress: Protect Workers, NOT Millionaires!

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