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Tell CNN to start providing equal access to their online videos!

    1. Adam Jarashow
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      Adam Jarashow


Denying millions of viewers access to your online videos by refusing to provide closed captioning isn’t a First Amendment right - it’s a denial of accessibility. Closed captioning doesn’t just provide accessibility to millions with hearing losses, limited English proficiency, or those learning to read - it’s also beneficial to archiving your video context for future searches!

We do not want you to change anything about your website, nor your video content - simply that you provide equal access by captioning your online video. Closed captioning isn’t an expensive process, especially for a company the size of CNN.

On May 19, 2012, CNN released an online video of President Obama talking about backing tougher bank standards, accusing the GOP and financial lobbyists of trying to undo reforms meant to protect taxpayers from big banks. Clicking on this video, a deaf college student wouldn’t be able to understand what President Obama is saying - how can this student make an educated decision and vote on whether or not this President should serve another term?

To succeed as an country, we need to ensure that everybody has equal access to information, both on cable and online. Captioning is required by law for TV shows, so why should you claim that not captioning online video is about editorial control or an expression of free speech?

If all online videos were done in American Sign Language with no audio, and we refused to caption or add audio translation, you would be in the same shoes as deaf people are. Watch #captionTHIS on youtube, and understand how we feel.

If you want to complain that captioning services cost money, bear in mind that captioning will benefit you as well, giving you a text archive of what’s in the video, thus making your videos searchable - something Google has been doing! Captioning your video is beneficial for everybody, and refusing to provide equal access is detrimental to everybody as well.


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    • Miki Thompson TUCSON, AZ
      • over 2 years ago

      My Youngest Daughter is deaf

    • Erin Isaacs WEST COVINA, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I have friends who are Deaf and HoH and I take it for granted that they can get to all of the information that I can. I think its disrespectful. We will dub things in, and provide options for, someone who speaks Spanish. Why are we denying those with Hearing loss or Deafness the same thing?! #captionTHIS!

    • Ronald Campbell RUCKERSVILLE, VA
      • over 2 years ago

      if spanish subtitle can be done for mexicans and latin while I am deaf and using english language , why can't we , deaf use all of media news , movies and entertainments with english captioned that we can understand . Using closed captioned will help children with spellings and words too as much like reading a "book"

    • Amy L'Italien AURORA, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      I have a very difficult time understanding recorded voices and often have to ask people to repeat what was said. I would like to see the words spoken so I can understand too!

    • Breanna Shartzer TUCSON, AZ
      • over 2 years ago

      I am deaf and would like to have closed captioning anywhere where we don't worry about our access to those video or movie theater. Not only applied to us, the Deaf, also Hard-Hearing, and people whose need some assist closed caption in order to understand what those videos talked about. For instance, some foreign people aren't used to different accent then need other way to understand. Closed Captioning are biggest helpful and useful for all of people on this planet. So I'm support this and looking forward to have an equal to their access level.


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