Tell Chase Bank: Don't Foreclose on Soldier's Father
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Tell Chase Bank: Don't Foreclose on Soldier's Father

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      Economic Fairness Oregon

20 year-old Aaron Collette is currently serving in Iraq and looking forward to seeing his family. He's been in the Army for a year and half, and recently survived an IED explosion next to his squad. Aaron could vacation anywhere in the world, but he simply wants to come home to Oregon and see his family. 

Unfortunately, Aaron might not have a home to return to. His father will lose his home - and the place Aaron calls home when he's not at war - in August.


JPMorgan Chase is foreclosing on Tim Collete's home in Bend, Oregon on June 20th.  Tim has asked the bank to hold on foreclosure proceedings until his son, Aaron, is able to return from Iraq for his two weeks of leave time. But so far, they've refused.

"I don't want him thinking about coming home and having it not be there. I just want him to come home and know he can be safe for 15 days," said Tim Collette.

Tim Collette's story is all too familiar. He was told by his bank that he'd only qualify for a loan modification if he missed two of his monthly payments. Once he did that (remember: per the bank's instructions), Chase attempted to foreclose on him.  One financial blogger writes, "Like the nightmare scenarios we have heard about, they basically tortured him for a year and ended with turning down his modification request."



Update 6/24/2011: When Tim Collette's story initially broke, Chase responded to the media frenzy by telling reporters they would work with Tim to find a solution. Last week, they informed Tim that the foreclosure is back on. Tim and his family are now scheduled to be foreclosed on August 9th.

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    1. VIDEO: Tim and Aaron Have a Message for You

      After being home from Iraq for just an hour, Aaron Collette to shoot a quick video with his Dad to petition signers. (Yeah, it was that important to him!)

    2. Aaron Collette: “We love you guys a lot for what you’ve been doing.”

      U.S. soldier Aaron Collette was home from Iraq for just an hour, before he decided to shoot a video message with his Dad to users. Yes, it was that important to him.
      In the video, Tim Collette thanked everyone who’s helped him stay in...

    3. Tim's Home Auctioned

      Yesterday, just hours before his son returned from Iraq, Chase bank auctioned off Tim's home on the courthouse steps. Stay tuned for what happens next. Tim's fight with Chase bank isn't over.

    4. Chase Welcomes Home U.S. Soldier by Auctioning Off His Dad's Home

      Members of the Economic Fairness Oregon (EFO) team are in Bend, Oregon right now, meeting with Tim Collette as he prepares for a big day with two very different events - an emotional reunion with his son, Aaron, who returns from Iraq tonight, and the...

    5. Aaron Returns Today, Auction Set for 3:30pm PT

      Aaron Collette is arriving home from Iraq at 6pm today. Hours later, his father's home is going to be sold at auction by JPMorgan Chase. We'll keep you posted on what happens. In the meantime, ask Chase to stop today's auction and help the Collettes.

    6. Send Your Messages of Support to Tim

      As his son returns from Iraq tomorrow, Tim Collette needs our support now more than ever before. Send him a message of encouragement at Feel free to share your own story about the housing crisis in America.

    7. Comments Flood Chase Bank

      A petition signer writes: "Here we have a family with one member serving in Iraq to keep us save. Can't you do a really good thing by working with this family to help them stay in their home?" Chase is listening, so keep posting comments!

    8. Aaron's Homecoming Next Week

      Next week, Aaron Collette is expected to return from Iraq for two weeks of leave with his family. The bank is still scheduled to foreclose on August 9th, but Tim is working with Chase to find a solution. We'll keep you posted as news develops.

    9. Tim Collette Isn’t Alone

      Across the country, homeowners are battling with America’s banks for mortgage loan modifications. As of May of this year, less than 750,000 U.S. borrowers had received permanent loan modifications, far below the original goal of helping 3 - 4...

    10. Chase responds to our campaign

      Chase Bank responded to your petition signatures by sending us a statement on Tim's case. We're working on a blog post that will include Chase bank's statement and Tim's response, so stay tuned.

    11. Ask major news outlets to report on Tim's story

      Tim's house is scheduled to be foreclosed on in 17 days. Economic Fairness Oregon is asking supporters to contact major television news outlets to report on this story. Visit the link above to find contact information and instructions.

    12. Tim's Paperwork Goes 'Missing' at Chase

      Chase Bank is publicly telling the media they're "working to find a solution" for Tim and his family. But privately, the bank continues to delay Tim's case by repeatedly misplacing his paperwork.

    13. News Coverage: "100,000 Sign Petition to Stave Off Foreclosure"

      A local news channel reported on our petition and interviewed Tim. Chase Bank told the reporter they are again "working to find a solution" for Tim. Let's make sure that this time, Chase follows through on its promise to the Collettes!

    14. Amazing! We've passed 100,000 signatures.

      Wow. We've reached 100,000 signatures! Let's keep the momentum going by sharing with friends and family. Your support will force JPMorgan Chase to do the right thing and stop foreclosure proceedings on the Collettes.

    15. Reached 100,000 signatures
    16. Tim Collette: "I'm at the end of my rope."

      Tim reports to us that, despite being a "priority" case with the bank, Chase continues to repeatedly misplace or lose his paperwork. Click the link above to read the full blog post.

    17. Tim Collette: “I’m at the end of my rope.”

      Y­­ou would think, after being caught overcharging 4,000 service members and illegally foreclosing on 14 military families, JPMorgan Chase would be bending over backwards to repair its image with the military.
      But apparently, Chase’s customer...

    18. News Coverage of Your Petition Signatures

      A banking industry trade journal, American Banker, reported yesterday on our petition and the growing number of signatures. Your voices are being heard!

    19. Chase Bank's Military Problem

      JP Morgan Chase has admitted to overcharging interest rates on military mortgages and to improperly foreclosing on more than a dozen military family homes.

    20. Almost at 80,000!

      Incredible! If you haven't done so already, click on the link above to watch Tim Collette's video message to members.

    21. Let's Keep the Momentum Going!

      Tim Collette is still waiting for word on his latest modification request. Meanwhile, the foreclosure sale date remains set for August 9th. We have 27 days to convince Chase to stop the foreclosure!

    22. Reached 75,000 signatures
    23. Tim Collette's Message to Members

      Tim Collette recorded a video message for people supporting his campaign. "The pressure that we put on Chase has made a difference," says Collette. "And that's why every signature through is important."

    24. Reached 50,000 signatures
    25. Incredible! Almost 50,000 Signatures

      Let's show Chase that we won't stop until they do the right thing. To keep the momentum going, ask your friends & family to add their names!


    Reasons for signing

    • Brian Moe SOUTH BELOIT, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      They do everything they can to get your house. Tack on extra fees and make it harder for you to pay. I wish WE the people could've voted not to bail them out. PLEASE SIGN OTHER PETITION ABOUT CEO JAMIE DIMON!

    • Theodore Branson HALLANDALE BEACH, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      Because I believe in economic and social justice.

    • Glenn Roland LAWRENCEBURG, KY
      • over 2 years ago

      My Accounts at Chase are closed.

    • Barbara Kazlowski CEDAR HILL, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      Is this how we should treat the families of our brave soldiers? NO! Have a heart and help these people.

    • Christopher Galka PORTER, IN
      • over 2 years ago



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