Tell BP to do the right thing
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Robert Dudley

Tell BP to do the right thing

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      Alliance for Justice

Send a letter to British Petroleum CEO Robert Dudley urging BP to fulfill their promise by making the Gulf, and its people whole again. We cannot let the people harmed by the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill be forgotten.

Tell Robert Dudley that you will not forget, and you will hold BP accountable.

Watch the Crude Justice film online.

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    1. Gulf Residents: I'm Not Your Experiment

      You may have heard about the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert gathering on the National Mall. You may not have heard about another rally that convened that same day, hundreds of miles away.
      There were no ironic signs. Not a celebratory costume in sight....

    2. Gulf Residents Deserve More Than Crude Justice

      I knew that the Exxon Valdez liability case had dragged on for two decades, but what I didn't know is that almost 20 percent of the original plaintiffs had died by the time Supreme Court resolved the legal battle in 2008 (and insultingly slashed...

    3. New Film, "Crude Justice," Documents an Uphill Battle for Oil Spill Victims

      Ed Begley, Jr. is an environmental activist and an actor. He recently narrated Crude Justice, a 17-minute documentary examining the ongoing search for justice among the victims of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. You can support his cause by watching...


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