Tell Boehner: Stop Spending Tax Dollars Defending DOMA
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Tell Boehner: Stop Spending Tax Dollars Defending DOMA

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After President Obama refused to defend the discriminatory “Defense of Marriage Act,” John Boehner and House Republicans intervened. They’ve hired pricey lawyers who could rack up a bill of up to $1.5 million that will go straight to the taxpayers.

Even worse, they’re using DOMA to try to deny benefits to the spouses of gay and lesbian veterans and active duty soldiers.  No one who risks their lives for their country should have to return home to face prejudice from our nation’s elected leaders.

Tell Boehner and Cantor: Stop spending millions of taxpayer dollars defending the discriminatory "Defense of Marriage Act."

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    • Erik Murphy MESA, AZ
      • about 2 years ago

      It's because of idiots like Boehner that the national debt keeps growing!


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