Tell Boehner: Hands off Medicare
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Tell Boehner: Hands off Medicare

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On Monday, House Speaker John Boehner doubled-down on his attacks on Medicare.

In a speech to the Economic Club of New York, Speaker Boehner threatened that unless Democrats bowed to his extremists demands, "...there will be no debt limit increase."

Speaker Boehner once again showed his willingness to take the needs of all Americans hostage to the dictates of his extremist ideology.

He held up Rep. Paul Ryan's callous 2012 budget proposal, which would destroy Medicare in all but name, as a model of what House Republicans were demanding in exchange for voting to raise the debt ceiling.

The Ryan budget proposal would destroy Medicare and replace it with a voucher program for seniors who'd be dumped into the private insurance market. And if the vouchers didn't cover the cost of insurance, too bad.

Tell Speaker Boehner: Hands off Medicare.

Rep. John Boehner, Ohio-08
I am appalled that you would threaten to hold the economy hostage to Rep. Paul Ryan's irresponsible and extreme budget plan to end Medicare as we know it.


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    • karen lee SPRINGFIELD, MA
      • over 3 years ago

      In one of the most "criminal" acts in my opinion, is the offsetting of Social Security benefits for non-payment of an outstanding student loan. The Supreme court "overruled" The Social Security Act that expressively FORBIDS ANY offset to SS it reads (paraphrasing)...except for an outstanding student loan. Read the case: The US vs Lockhart

      There should be outrage in the streets! Please write your representatives and ask them to vote For S 1102 and HR 2028 to restore fairness in student lending making private loans dischargable in bankruptcy-just like any other consumer debt. Please. Good people are shakled with a life time of debt for a purchase of education that is as old as a black and white tv. To add insult to injury-if not paid-SS benefits are offset. If obama wants the "most educated workforce by 2020"-it won't matter a hill of beans if all we have are citizens in debt.

    • william bell ONEIDA, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      when is Congress going to share some of the pain, i do not see congress taking any hits on entitlements. what you call entitlements people have worked for and paid into. Also congress persons should be held to the same standards in everything that the man on the street is, when congresspersons do not pay their taxes they should go to jail like wesley snipes and others, enough with putting yourselves on pedestals, also, in my opinion changes in the constitution should be put should be put on the state ballots so that 3/4 of the states can make changes. there is more but it would take days. One last thing, i cannot vote myself a raise when i want one and since the congress works for the people (or is it big business) raises should be given by merit at the ballot box.

    • Laura Avant DENVER, CO
      • over 3 years ago

      I am dependent on Medicare since you and your cronies destroyed the housing market and my husband no longer has any work. You may not take my health care benefits any more than you may take what little the middle class has left. You've taken our homes, our savings, our jobs, and now threaten to take our social programs just so you can feed your endless greed. We won't stand for it!

    • Lillie McNearney LEAGUE CITY, TX
      • over 3 years ago

      To the Honorable John Boehner

      Sir, I am a 62 year old divorced retiree. I have NO insurance. Not that I have not tried. The best rate through Texas Risk Pool was $841.00 per month!!! more than half my income! I am not alone. Too young for Medicare and too old to insure!! Do you really believe Insurance Co. will accept what you propose for the Vouchers?? Do the math! Would YOU be willing to accept the same voucher proposed if your income was mine? Have the very people we sent to Washington to represent us forgotten their commitment to the people they serve? You are attacking the very people who have worked all their lives and stood to their part of the bargain made for Medicare.....will you?

    • Paula C. Benoit LITTLETON, NC
      • over 3 years ago

      Boehner what are you thinking???? How can you even think about destroying "Medicare"???? You need to back off and leave "Medicare" alone before you and your buddies ruin it. Shame on you!!!! Shame on "ALL" of you!!!!


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