Tell Betty Crocker: Carcinogens Don't Belong in Kids' Food
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Tell Betty Crocker: Carcinogens Don't Belong in Kids' Food

    1. Jessica Belsky
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      Jessica Belsky

      Santa Monica, CA

Synthetic food dyes are in most processed foods in the U.S. and some are more harmful than others. One of the most harmful is called Red 3 and is found in pink and red colored foods. Red 3 is a known carcinogen, yet it remains in our food. The FDA's former acting commissioner stated that Red 3 can cause cancer back in 1985 yet Betty Crocker still uses it in many of their products. 

This is an unacceptable risk to get brightly-colored food. Natural alternatives exist to synthetic dyes. Betty Crocker's own mission states that it is "a brand associated with quality and trust," and Betty Crocker's family company, General Mills states that they "make lives healthier."

It's time for Betty Crocker to live up to their own said standards and lose Red 3 in their products. Carcinogens don't belong in cupcake and cookie deocrations aimed at kids. 

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