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Tell Arizona Not to Strip American Children of Citizenship Rights

    1. Esther  Rubio-Sheffrey
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      Esther Rubio-Sheffrey

      San Diego, CA

State Sen. Russell Pearce (R), the politician who pushed through SB 1070, is at it again.

This time, he wants to undermine the Constitution’s 14th Amendment by stripping away the citizenship rights granted to all persons born in this country if they happen to have undocumented immigrant parenents. Anti-immigrant groups derisvely call these children "Anchor Babies."

Pearce wants to deprive American-born citizens of the right to a birth certificate based on the immigration status of their parents, so that when law enforcement comes asking for proof of citizenship, they cannot provide it.

Tell the Arizona State Legislature to stop with the smoke and mirrors. They must address immigration reform without trampling on the Constitution.

Sign this petition to ask the Arizona State Legislature to leave the 14th Amendment alone and to respect the oath they took to defend and uphold our Constitution. 

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      Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, the man behind Arizona Bill 1070, just won't stop. After being heavily involved in the passage of one of the most stringent immigration laws in the country, Pearce has chosen to ignore all calls for sanity and...

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      Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce wants to deport American-born citizen children.
      Running high on his victory in passing SB 1070, Pearce is thinking big. His next target becomes clear in a series of emails (pdf): the citizen children of...


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