Tell Alameda County: Don't Make Police Immigration Agents, Do not submit to ICE holds
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Alameda County Board Of Supervisors and Alameda County Sheriff

Tell Alameda County: Don't Make Police Immigration Agents, Do not submit to ICE holds

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      Causa Justa / Just Cause

ICE collaboration – frequently through the ironically-named Secure Communities (S-Comm) program – has had a disastrous effect on Alameda County, resulting in the detention and deportation of countless family members, heads of households, and other people important to the fabric of our communities. Sadly, we have witnessed people criminalized and dehumanized by local law enforcement in collaboration with ICE merely based upon a suspicion that they lack immigration documents. When our community members are detained and deported, families are separated, and economic and emotional hardship for those left behind – often children – is a common result.

Alameda County families and communities have been hit particularly hard by the county’s collaboration with ICE. Nearly two thousand Alameda County residents since 2008 have been deported as a result of the Sheriff Ahern’s participation in S-Comm, and many more have been deported due to collaboration with ICE in another form.

A huge number of these people are never charged with – much less convicted of – any crime after they are arrested and detained. Any undocumented immigrant in Alameda County is liable to be apprehended, held, and ultimately turned over to ICE authorities for deportation. Victims of domestic violence in Alameda County have even been arrested and detained for ICE after calling 911. It is no wonder that immigrants who are victims and witnesses to crime in Alameda County are often too fearful to contact local law enforcement officials. Alameda County’s collaboration in immigrant detention and deportation erodes public trust in law enforcement and harms public safety.

The current Alameda County policy is not required. Through Secure Communities and other related programs, ICE merely requests the cooperation of local law enforcement officials in the detention and deportation of immigrants. This fact has been confirmed repeatedly, including by California Attorney General Kamala Harris. Alameda County is free to deny ICE’s requests – and it should.

Immigrants comprise a large and important part of Alameda County, which has historically been welcoming of people striving to make a better life for themselves and their families. Participation in S-Comm and other forms of immigrant detention and deportation is staunchly anti-immigrant and does not reflect the values of Alameda County.

Countless Alameda County families have been separated because Sheriff Ahern’s office has, without providing any kind of due process, held people for ICE on the grounds that ICE believed they were “removable.” We the people of Alameda County disagree that these are “removable” community members, and ask that the county no longer collaborate in ICE’s immigrant detention and deportation business.

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    2. We are a third of the way there! please share this petition!

      Thank you all for signing! last friday also sent this out to their supporters and we are a third of the way there.

      Please forward this to your friends and family! let's make sure that no one else ends up in Pancho's situation, that everyone can freely participate in the Occupy Movement and that families can stay together!

      In community,


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    • Ellen Scott FOXBORO, MA
      • almost 3 years ago

      I sign to stand for justice and for families to remain together. Compassion asks that we help not harm out sisters and brothers.

      • almost 3 years ago
    • David Zambrano ORMOND BEACH, FL
      • almost 3 years ago

      Don't let undocumented people be afraid to contact the police, the way things are now, people won't call the police about any crimes, imagine if you were undocumented and something happened to your child. These are human rights that are being violated here.

    • Mike Barraza SACRAMENTO, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Somos El 99 % !

    • Aaron Shuman SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      I am a 39 year old with a decade's experience in journalism (though lately I've been thinking it would have been nice to work at Pacific News Service with their cluster of projects, including The Beat Within, Youth Outlook, and New American Media). In any case, I am about the same age as John Cameron Mitchell--the son of an Army Major General who retired to El Paso Texas--when his "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" debuted on movie screens across America in 2001. And I am about the same age as Arturo Islas--the son of one of the first Chicano cops in El Paso, who became one of the first Chicanos at Stanford in 1956, and taught there until his AIDS-related death in 1991--when Islas began working on his debut novel "Day of the Dead" in 1976 (later published as "The Rain God" in 1984). I've been through El Paso a couple of times on caravans to Fort Benning Georgia to annual protests of the School of the Americas, and I noticed ICE harassing people in El Paso. And I've been harassed by police myself in the Bay upon returning from conferences on Latin America, held, and told that I have to submit fingerprints for a "new Department of Justice database" (S-COMM?) before I could be released for a court date, where the charges were later dropped. So that prompts me to sign this petition--Islas writes very powerfully about the border and its politics in "Migrant Souls."


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