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Tell 98.5 KLUC to stop the homophobia

    1. Sybrina Bernabei
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      Sybrina Bernabei

      las vegas, NV

 KLUC's morning radio show, The Morning Zoo, often features radio personalities posing the question, "If you HAD to go gay to save the world who would you go for (http://kluc.radio.com/2010/05/20/ne-yo-would-go-gay-for/?like=1)" to celebrities. This only reinforces how truly terrible being gay (or even having sexual relations with the same sex) must be as an option for life; because you would literally have to have the responsibility of civilization on your shoulders to "go gay."

Many young people have recently decided to end their life because they were bullied or made fun of for being gay. Instead of leading a wonderful, healthy and promising life they thought the only way out was suicide because of anti-gay sentiment like the kind on this show. The Morning Zoo has a very large youth audience and it's sad to think that teenagers have to hear these kind of henious comments as they get ready to go to school in the morning. This is when we should be encouraging them and giving them hope, not mocking who they are.

 And maybe they don't realize how hurtful it is to hear that question because they are not gay, but it is. It makes it worse when they add, "Don't be mad, we ask everyone this..." As if everyone would/ should have a volatile reaction to being perceived as gay. This incites homophobia and pushes young people even further into the closet increasing stigmatic guilt, depression and dangerous thoughts about hurting themselves.


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