Tell 3M: Stop Funding Anti-Gay Politics
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Tell 3M: Stop Funding Anti-Gay Politics

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Corporate giant 3M has decided to follow the footsteps of retail giant Target in giving heaps and heaps of money to support anti-gay politicians.

3M gave a whopping $100,000 to a group in Minnesota known as MN Forward, a political action committee working to elect a Republican State Representative, Tom Emmer, as governor of Minnesota. Emmer is a lightning rod of controversy for positions he has taken demonizing LGBT people, immigrants, those concerned about the environment, and restaurant workers, to name a few.

Emmer's anti-gay comments are particularly egregious. As a politician, Emmer has tried to bar gays and lesbians from raising children, has criticized efforts to deal with anti-gay bullying in high schools (despite the fact that Minnesota is home to a school district that has seen three LGBT students commit suicide this past year), wanted to de-fund HIV/AIDS groups in Minnesota, and has tried to ban same-sex marriage. Perhaps most appalling, Emmer has given money to a religious ministry known as You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, which has called for violence against gays and lesbians and labels all LGBT people pedophiles.

Talk about a 3M Fail. Send a message to the company letting them know that supporting anti-gay candidates like Tom Emmer is not only bad for business, but it's offensive to the millions of LGBT consumers that purchase and use 3M products.


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