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Teen Pornography, Humantrafficking and Prostitution on TWITTER

    1. Sarah Burnside
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      Sarah Burnside

      Elkton, MD

I have come across tweeters that are engaging in "teen pornography" and "humantrafficking" by the tweets they have written.  I have read the explicit messages of what the (teensporn) is tweeting about.  (sexyescorts) writes about how the women have been in 100's of hotels up and down the East Coast.  I "followed" them to see what morre I could find out about their business and what else is being said.  We need to let the people of Twitter know that prostitution(humantrafficking) and child pornorgraphy is occuring on their site and it needs to be stopped.  The teen ponorgraphy was rouhg to have seen, I was never expecting to see it when I was looking at the people someone else was following.  There is one more that is international (yorabishquingda) I'm not sure I spelled it right but if you go to (sexyescort) you should be able to find it.  Lets send a message to the people who engage in this beahviour that we are going to stop you no matter where you hide.  Thank You..

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