Ted Baillieu: No Medical Physicists, No Radiotherapy. Vic Cancer Patients Deserve Better
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Ted Baillieu: No Medical Physicists, No Radiotherapy. Vic Cancer Patients Deserve Better

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February 2013


Dear Friends, Congratulations we’ve won!! Because of your continued support the Baillieu Government has finally committed to fix the cancer crisis. It is a great outcome not just for our members but for Victoria’s cancer patients. This victory means the cancer crisis in Victoria can finally be addressed to reduce waiting lists for life-saving diagnosis and treatment Without your support none of this would have been possible and proves that unions can make a difference to improve health care in Victoria. Please share this victory with your friends and family. Regards Rosemary Kelly Secretary Medical Scientists Association of Victoria

Victorian Medical Physics workforce shortages are approaching a critical point. This is a dangerous and urgent situation which must be addressed.
Medical Physicists ensure the safe and accurate use of radiation for the treatment of cancer and diagnosis of disease. The medical physicists workforce in Victoria is declining to numbers that are unsafe, as physicists are moving interstate for better paid jobs. Victorians’ access to timely and best practice cancer treatment is being compromised.
Ten years ago the federal government initiated an enquiry into the cancer workfore in Australia (the Baume Report). In 2002 the Report recommended, among other things, that the federal government set up a national body which would
“Take steps to improve workforce numbers by providing a better career path for medical physicists, with better remuneration and recognition for their roles. The number of entrants to these professions must also be increased. That is, we must increase simultaneously recruitment to, and reduce attrition from, the workforce.”
It was also recommended that the proposed national body should work closely with relevant unions to develop a nationally consistent approach to increased remuneration for medical physicists, which includes compensation for out-of-hours work and more appropriate links to accreditation and education. It was recommended that this negotiation should start no later than 2003.
The remuneration of physicists in other states has been addressed, starting with NSW in 2007, as a result of an independent decision by the NSW Industrial Commission which assessed the work value of physicists.
The Victorian government is well aware of the issues relating to the workforce shortage and wage disparity. The key issues have been communicated to Ted Baillieu and the Minister of Health on a number of occasions.
It would cost $2 million per year to fix the problem, in the context of a total Victorian health budget of $13.68 billion per annum.
Please sign this petition, and take the time to contact your local MP and ask them to raise the issue in parliament on your behalf.

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    • Dean Serra AUSTRALIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      My son has dedicated (invested 5 years and over $35000 to become qualified in Medical Physics yet his opportunities are controlled by the level of funding State and Federal governments offer to the community. Hard work dedication , need and community service play no part in his ability to succeed.

    • Kay White CHERRYVALE, KS
      • almost 2 years ago

      Valuable and necessary for all Victorians

      • almost 2 years ago

      Its not just Victoria, its Australia itself

      • almost 2 years ago

      Recognition of our roles and the work undertaken.

    • Michal Wawrzak AUSTRALIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I am a medical physicist from Queensland. I am deeply concerned with situation in Victoria. Only the medical physicist possess the knowledge and unique skills set allowing to maintain the constant dose rate of the beam and thus, to perform cancer radiotherapy safely. Lack of medical physicist support leads to losing the control over the beam parameters and puts the patients in danger of serious side effects following the radiation therapy treatment.


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