"Take a stand for human rights: do not ratify the EU Free Trade Agreement with Colombia"
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"Take a stand for human rights: do not ratify the EU Free Trade Agreement with Colombia"

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In June 2014 Irish politicians will be asked to ratify a European Union Free Trade Agreement with Colombia and Peru, a necessary step by European national parliaments before it can become legally enforceable.

This is a particularly problematic time to discuss a Free Trade Agreement with Colombia. Crucial peace talks are underway and the grave human rights and humanitarian crisis has not been dealt with. You can make a difference. Add your voice to the call on the Irish government not to ratify this trade agreement. Colombia has experienced more than six decades of violence linked mostly to a deep unresolved agrarian conflict. At the heart of this conflict is land and how power is abused in Colombia. In the process, over six million people have been displaced and small farmers have been violently dispossessed from nearly seven million hectares of their own land.  Agribusiness, multinationals, landlords and narco-traffickers have been behind this massive land-grab.

The current peace talks between the government and FARC rebels are addressing this agrarian question, and there is a growing consensus around the need to strengthen the small-farmers' economy. Colombians want trade but trade that works for them and doesn’t undermine local economies.


This European Free Trade Agreement would go directly against the interests of small-farmers, would undermine the peace talks and thus re-ignite conflict, having a potentially disastrous impact on the difficult efforts to secure a lasting peace settlement. Please tell TDs and Senators that human rights and sustainable development need to be at the heart of our foreign policy, by not ratifying this Agreement. 

Christian Aid Ireland

Grupo Raíces (Grúpa Fréamhacha)

Irish Congress of Trade Unions

Justice for Colombia Ireland



TDs and Senators of the Irish Government
"Take a stand for human rights: do not ratify the EU Free Trade Agreement with Colombia"

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    • Eadaoin Heussaff DUBLIN, IRELAND
      • about 1 month ago

      This is an issue of basic justice for which we, as a country who have suffered from dispossession in the past, should seek a just solution.

    • Mary Naughton DUBLIN, IRELAND
      • 3 months ago

      I do not want to give companies more power to take the land of the Columbian people. I do not want human rights abuses perpetrated in my name

    • Emmet Sheerin GALWAY, IRELAND
      • 3 months ago

      Human rights and justice should never be undermined by business and trade interests!

    • Tanya O'Sullivan CORK, IRELAND
      • 3 months ago

      fair trade and Mutual aid

    • Jose Ospina SKIBBEREEN,, IRELAND
      • 3 months ago

      As a native Colombian, I am genuinely concerned at the impact that the proposed free trade agreement will have on Colombian SME's, small farmers and workers. The competition by cheap and subsidised products will undoubtedly cause more poverty and lower wages. Please do not ratify this agreement.


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