Target: Sign the Bangladesh Safety Act
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Target: Sign the Bangladesh Safety Act

    1. Emily Frith
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      Emily Frith

      Nashville, TN

Every day workers risk their lives in terrible conditions to make the merchandise that we see in stores like Target. Recent tragedies in Bangladesh have highlighted this fact: a human life is worth more than a cheap shirt. Target has refused to sign or even comment on the Bangladesh Safety Act which ensures that factories are safe for workers or they lose big business from retailers. It's time for Target to stand up and take notice before the next factory tragedy takes the lives of the hardworking folks who make their clothes.

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    2. This woman spent two weeks in the rubble of her collapsed factory.

      Emily Frith
      Petition Organizer
      Woman Rescued From Bangladesh Rubble After Two Weeks

      The faintest of silver linings emerges from Bangladesh: a garment worker trapped for 17 days beneath the collapsed Rana Plaza building was discovered alive today.

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      Emily Frith
      Petition Organizer
      Your Favorite Stores Aren't Signing the Bangladesh Safety Act

      Labor groups urged massive clothing retailers including Gap and Wal-Mart to sign an international pact this week that would solidify safety standards and send a clear message that big brand names won't allow another easily preventable tragedy like last month's factory collapse in Bangladesh, which killed over 1,000 people, to happen again.

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