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Cell Phone companies and Android manufacturers

Develop phones without custom skins or pre-installed 3rd party apps.

    1. Jonathan Brown
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      Jonathan Brown

      Indianapolis, IN

Android is an extremely fast growing product that is part of an even faster growing industry. While there are many positives of choosing Android phones over the rest of the devices out there, one obvious fault comes from the companies that make and sell these phones. Profit and greater growth could come if these companies stop pushing their own software and focus on creating better phones. If these companies feel they have better apps than already out there they can attempt to make an extra profit from the Google Play Market. With numerous complaints from Android users about skins and forced apps, it is mind boggling that companies have not yet cut their losses and let Android shine as it is.

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    • Trevor Sullivan NAPERVILLE, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      I hate the manufacturer customizations (eg. Samsung TouchWiz, HTC Sense), and prefer a stock Android experience. Please focus on providing excellent hardware without corrupting Google's excellent software.


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