Stop Surrey being turned into a cycle track

    1. Ian Huggins
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      Ian Huggins

      London, United Kingdom

URGENT NEWS FOR ALL HORSE RIDERS AND WALKERS.It hasn't taken long for this serious problem to have an impact on our beautiful Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It seems that the off-road cyclists have now built a race track across Leith Hill. All without any consultation once again !!!!!Apart from the obvious dangers to cyclists,Surrey roads are not suitable.Surrey County Council have, without consultation,decided it would be a great idea to use Surrey as a race track. This now includes our bridle paths and footpaths. This in it's self is a thoughtless act but far more importantly residents and numerous businesses are being effected by road closures. This prevents residents of Surrey from leaving their own property and going about their normal business. The road closures were a necessary inconvenience during the Olympic Games but now it looks like Surrey County Council are to make this an annual event. This is all very well but residents of Surrey are pestered and annoyed by cyclists ( practising months in advance of the event ) who ride the route in very large numbers from very early in the morning shouting at each other (have you tried talking whilst riding your bike?) and riding in large groups sometimes three and four abreast or in strings of riders making it virtually impossible for the poor old motorist, many of whom are elderly, to overtake.Traffic violations are common and it is only a matter of time before there is a major accident with the possibility of the loss of life. It will of course be the motorists fault. Have Surrey County Council considered the number of heavy goods vehicles using the roads. The route chosen is all enclosing and no provision has been made for vehicular crossing points. So to facilitate a bike ride many Surrey residents are to be confined to their homes from 5 am until 9 pm.

Stop Surrey being turned into a cycle track

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    1. Petition to remove David Hodge

      Ian Huggins
      Petition Organizer

      There is a new online petition taking off to remove council leader David Hodge. He is, of course , the instigator of the Prudential Ride Surrey cycle event that has blighted our rural way of life. I would urge you all to sign at either of these addresses..........

      or Hodge/

      Petition calls for SCC leader to resign

      Leatherhead resident Gerald Harvard has submitted an online petition calling on Surrey County Council leader David Hodge to resign for "creating jobs for the boys" among other reasons A Leatherhead man has submitted a petition to Surrey County Council (SCC) calling for its leader to resign.

    2. Prudential Ride London

      Ian Huggins
      Petition Organizer

      It's that time of year again when large parts of Surrey will be shut down to the people who live and work in Surrey ( and pay their taxes to enable the Chief Executive and his inner circle to pay themselves massive salary increases) .
      just so that we can facilitate a bicycle ride for thousands of cyclists most of whom have no connection with Surrey at all !!
      I would urge all of you who will be adversely effected to email me or contact me via this petition so that our protest can continue until someone at last sits up and takes notice of WHAT THE PEOPLE OF SURREY SAY AND FEEL.

    3. Tour of France and Prudential Ride London

      Ian Huggins
      Petition Organizer

      Stand by for more road closures and disruption to our every day lives. It would be helpful if you could send me details of any inconvenience and incidents and particularly loss of income you may suffer as a result.
      The route for the Prudential has been altered slightly and will cause considerable disruption to the people of Leatherhead and Oxshott this year.
      I have seen little or no sign of the proposed "code of conduct" our lords and masters at SCC had assured us would be introduced and must be implemented before any cycling event takes place?
      Cobham seems to be a very very busy cycling centre recently and cyclists are causing severe disruption on the narrow roads in the surrounding area. Many cyclists are still ignoring the traffic lights and overtake motor vehicles at road junctions on their blind side.No sign of any police activity?
      I look forward to hearing from you and particularly any of you who live in Millbourne Lane and on the A244.

    4. Partial success

      Ian Huggins
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks to you all we have managed to wring out of the organisers of the Prudential Ride Surrey a few concessions. The route has been changed so that it will not "kettle" the thousands of Surrey residents so effected last year. Roads will also be open at various times during the day to facilitate some local movement of traffic. It remains to be seen if they have actually improved things????
      It will assist me if you could monitor events in your local area during the year. The huge numbers of cycling events last year caused severe disruption and the roads are already filling up with cyclists. These people must not be allowed to use our roads as their private "cycling velodrome" .
      You will be pleased to hear that we shall NOT be hosting the Tour of Britain or a leg of the Tour de France.

    5. Facts for Cyclists

      Ian Huggins
      Petition Organizer

      On Surrey roads so far this year there have been.............
      191 Time Trials
      46 Road Races
      70 Sportiv Events
      9 Triathlons
      (Source Surrey Police)
      There have been 4 events that warranted partial or full road closures.
      Serious accidents involving cyclists (not involving motor cars but simply falling off or colliding with other cyclists) have risen from 49 to 122.
      I am in no way defending the motorists, they are just as guilty, what I will defend is my right to travel freely to and from my place of work or to go about my normal weekend activities without having my driveway closed off for the sake of a bike ride.

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      • 9 days ago

      Our beautiful AONB at Leith Hill is being eroded. The road cyclists are dangerous, riding in large packs at breakneck speed down Coldharbour Lane. We are under attack!

      • 19 days ago

      Because all the cyclist are making the roads unsafe and road closures mean residents can not leave their own homes

      • 25 days ago

      Our country roads cannot take packs of cyclists, who have no other consideration but to over take the bike in front. How are drivers supposed over take groups the size of a lorry on windy roads. There will be some serious accidents as cars try to pass, to get on with their daily duties.

      • 28 days ago

      It has cost my business over £6000.00 per year ie 18000.00 in 3 years

      • about 1 month ago

      I drive through Surrey several times a week and I am sick of being caught up behind hundreds of bikes that can sometimes be impossible to pass. They drive abreast and block you from being able to overtake, when you do finally pass them your then behind another lot, its never ending. its dangerous and it will only be a matter of time before someone is injured or killed.


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