Surf Air, Inc.: Stop, or reroute, Surf Air flights that are using KSQL (San Carlos) Airport
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Gretchen Kelly
Board of Supervisors, San Mateo County
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CEO, Surf Air
Jeff Potter

Surf Air, Inc.: Stop, or reroute, Surf Air flights that are using KSQL (San Carlos) Airport

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      Stop The KSQL Aircraft Noise

There has been a substantial increase in noticeable noise from low flying aircraft that are now traversing over Redwood City, Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto and nearby neighborhoods.  The increased noise is mostly the result of new flights from a startup company called Surf Air that has initiated commercial operations into and out of San Carlos Airport (KSQL).  

Surf Air is planning to expand services with a new round of $65 million in funding, and it is likely that there will be additional flights added to the San Carlos airport.  That means the current approach corridor, as approved by the FAA, will see additional noisy flights over neighborhoods in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atherton and Redwood City.  Many of the affected neighborhoods are located near the Middlefield Road corridor.  In addition, these aircraft fly over or near Encinal Elementary, Walter Hays Elementary and Menlo Atherton High School.  

If you find the noise objectionable, OR

if you are concerned about the negative impact on your property’s value, OR

if you are concerned about potential accidents due to aircraft flying over our homes and schools,

then please indicate your objection to Surf Air's flight path into San Carlos airport by signing this petition.


Thank you for your participation and please reach out to your neighbors to get them involved.

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    1. Reminder: Residents Working Group Meeting Tonight (Tuesday)

      As announced at the recent community meeting at Holbrook-Palmer Park, the Residents Working Group meeting is tonight, Tuesday, October 14th, 6pm at Atherton Town Hall. (Corner of Ashfield Rd & Dinkelspiel Station Ln - near the Atherton Caltrain station)

      This Working Group meeting is meant to bring together interested individuals that want to reduce the noise in our skies over our communities. Anyone is welcome to attend as long as you can do some of the following:

      * Share specific ideas that you feel have merit and that you can articulate why your idea can solve the problem of noise
      * Be willing to own and drive your idea by soliciting support from the working group
      * Lend your support to existing team members who are implementing their ideas and may require additional resources to execute for success

      By attending, you are agreeing that you dislike the noise and are prepared to help with tactics to reduce the noise.

      As a reminder, this working group does not focus on all aviation related noise such as large commercial traffic into the major airports like SFO. We are strictly focused on solving the noise that has been introduced by Surf Air while arriving (and departing) from KSQL.

      Bring your ideas, bring your energy, and bring your commitment to work on solutions that solve the noise in our skies.

      37.463328,-122.197132 - Google Maps

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    2. Community Meeting Reminder

      Please remember to show your support for reducing Aircraft Noise by attending the Community Meeting on Tuesday, September 30th, 7 PM

      Surf Air CEO Jeff Potter is scheduled to attend.

      Hosted by Atherton Town Council at:

      Holbrook-Palmer Park
      150 Watkins Ave
      Atherton, CA 94027

      Your support is important!

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    4. Surf Air Community Meeting Scheduled for September 30, 2014

      Please mark your calendar for the next community meeting to discuss the noise and the latest expansion plans that Surf Air has announced.

      When: Tuesday, September 30, 2014. 7PM
      Where: Holbrook-Palmer Park Pavillion, 150 Watkins Avenue, Atherton, California

      Anyone interested in discussing the noise issues are encouraged to attend this meeting.

      More information is available at:

      Please distribute this notice to anyone that may be interested in this issue:

      And please make sure your neighbors are aware of the petition on!

      Calm The Skies

      Call to Action to Reduce theDisruptive Airplane Noise Over Our Neighborhoods Surf Air, a private air-travel service, is flying extremely noisy planes directly over our neighborhoods-our homes and local schools-each and every day, including weekends.

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    6. Community Meeting on December 9th, 6pm

      When: December 9th, 6pm to 8pm
      Where: Jennings Pavilion at Holbrook-Palmer Park, 150 Watkins Ave, Atherton

      Who Should Attend: Anyone concerned or affected by the noise recently created by the new commercial airline service, introduced by Surf Air, flying into San Carlos Airport.

      The Town of Atherton is sponsoring a Community Meeting to discuss aircraft noise - in particular, noise related to the recent activity of Surf Air along the Middlefield corridor. Representatives from surrounding communities, state and federal government, San Carlos Airport, and Surf Air have been invited to attend to hear the concerns of the affected community.

      The tentative Agenda is:
      ‣ Welcome - Mayor of Atherton
      ‣ Summary of the Issue(s)
      ‣ Summary of the Status
      ‣ Public Comment
      ‣ Summary, Wrap Up & Next Steps

    7. Surf Air In the Press

      Atherton residents rattled by noise of 'executive' planes from San Carlos Airport

      Posted: 11/18/2013 07:52:08 PM PST Updated: 11/19/2013 12:47:04 AM PST Surf Air, a small upscale airline that launched in June with service between San Carlos and Southern California, has hit some turbulence over Atherton.

    8. Is Safety Compromised With Surf Air?

      Editorial on safety related to Surf Airlines, written by respected aviation safety consultant John Goglia.

      Surf Air 'Airline'? What Passengers Need To Know Before They Sign-Up

      With all the media hoopla surrounding Surf Air's all-you-can fly business model and comparisons to Netflix, there seems to be some basic information missing that passengers need to be aware of before they decide to spend thousands of dollars - between membership fees and a three-month commitment - to join [...]

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    Reasons for signing

    • joe straton MENLO PARK, CA
      • 2 days ago

      excessive noise, safety concerns

    • Donna Nicoletti REDWOOD CITY, CA
      • 11 days ago

      We are under the departure flight path, and the increase in noise this year is untenable.

    • Patricia Masia REDWOOD CITY, CA
      • 15 days ago

      Noise of planes when in or out of my house sounds like WW3 bombers. Commerical planes don't even sound that loud.

    • Nancy Solomon REDWOOD CITY, CA
      • 22 days ago

      Rattles my windows and wakes me up, REALLY LOW Flying over my house.

    • David Andrysiak REDWOOD CITY, CA
      • 23 days ago

      I live on the north end of KSQL directly under the flight path for southbound flights. Like those of you who live under the landing approach, we are constantly under 'attack' from the aircraft.


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