Suresh Shetty: Stop Female Infanticide in Bede
  • Petitioned Shri. Jayant Kumar Banthia

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Addl.Chief Sec.(Health)
Shri. Jayant Kumar Banthia
DHO, Beed
Dr. R. V. Gaikwad,
Cabinet Minister, Public Health and Family Welfare, Maharashtra
Mr. Suresh Shetty

Suresh Shetty: Stop Female Infanticide in Bede

    1. Pooja Tanna
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      Pooja Tanna

      Mumbai, India

Sickening practice exposed in Bede, Maharashtra - Indian state with worst child sex ratio of 801 girls for every 1,000 boys being born. A sting operation has revealed that female foetuses are fed to dogs to cover up infanticide doctors and parents who prefer boys.This revelation was made by Lek Ladki Abhiyan who conducted a sting operation in Bede, Maharashtra, the state with the worst child sex ratio in the country. Feeding foetuses to dogs means that the doctors get away from official scrutiny 

This practice is being carried by Dr. Sudam Munde but inaction by cops have led him go unabetted. Even more shocking is the statement of state health minister Suresh Shetty. He said he is unable to take action until he gets concrete evidence. But we can change this if we all raise a public outcry against this heinous act.

Sign my petition and urge Mr. Suresh Shetty to take action and stop the killing of female foetuses in Bede


The Indian town where female foetuses 'are being fed to dogs to hide rampant gender genocide' -


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    • Waneta Doucette WILLARD, MO
      • over 2 years ago

      So sick!!!! Really sad!!!!!

    • Zoravar Perhar MUMBAI, INDIA
      • over 2 years ago

      why the hell not?! there should be a reason for not signing this petiton..


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