Support the STALKERS Act of 2010
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Support the STALKERS Act of 2010

    1. Brittany Shoot
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      Brittany Shoot

      Boston, MA

Over three million women are stalked in the United States every year. Stalking is a serious crime that affects women's ability to feel safe in public and in their own homes. Stalkers may also turn violent when confronted, something every stalking victim fears.

Current federal anti-stalking legislation is limited in scope and needs to be strengthened to include new technologies that enable harassment and cyberstalking, and stiffer penalties for stalking need to be enforced. Support H.R. 5662, or the STALKERS Act of 2010 (which stands for Simplifying the Ambiguous Law, Keeping Everyone Reliably Safe Act of 2010) so that anti-stalking laws will be strengthened nationwide, which will also lead to even stricter enforcement, sentencing, and greater public awareness down the road.

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