Support the Refugee Protection Act of 2010
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Support the Refugee Protection Act of 2010

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On June 20 – people around the globe will celebrate World Refugee Day.

Supporting the Refugee Protection Act of 2010 is an excellent way to honor the struggle of the millions of people worldwide who have been forced to flee their homes and countries in fear of persecution, torture, or death.   

Contact your Senators today and encourage them to co-sponsor the Refugee Protection Act of 2010. 

After fleeing horrors in their own countries, refugees arriving in America may be faced with unjustified challenges and barriers that undermine their health and violate their human rights. The Refugee Protection Act re-orients our laws to provide support for traumatized people who have escaped persecution, like the Rohingya of Burma or the Darfuris of Sudan.   

Read the act (PDF) Among its most important provisions, the Act will:

1) end the mandatory jailing of asylum seekers who arrive in the US without a valid visa or travel documents;impose minimum standards on immigration

2) detention facilities that will prevent substandard conditions and abuses that have led to the avoidable death or injury of far too many immigrants;eliminate

3) arbitrary administrative requirements, such as the rule that requires traumatized people to apply for asylum within a  year of arrival in the US.

To pass the Act, we must recruit more Senators as co-sponsors.  You can help by signing this petition.


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