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The people and government of South Korea

Support the people and government of South Korea to stand up against the cruelty of the dog meat industry.

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      Change For Animals Foundation (CFAF)

Every year an estimated two million dogs are slaughtered in South Korea to supply the dog meat industry - an inherently cruel industry that causes immense suffering to the dogs throughout all stages- farming, transport, sale and slaughter. 

Numerous investigations into the industry have documented the cruel and pitiful conditions under which dogs are farmed, transported and slaughtered each year. As a result of the cramped, unhygienic and stressful environment in which the dogs are kept, physical disease and mental distress are profoundly evident, with many dogs showing obvious signs of sickness, depression, aggression, and abnormal behaviours.

Although the majority of Koreans do not consume dog meat, the majority continue to defend the industry, often in the name of ‘tradition’, ‘culture’, or ‘national pride’.

But opinions are changing and opposition to the dog meat industry is fiercer than ever before.  

We want those in South Korea who are standing up against the cruel dog meat industry to know that we are behind their attempts to save the lives of these animals, and to urge others, and the South Korean government, to show their support.


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    2. Django's Story

      This is Django's story.... Django was born on a dog meat farm, just outside Seoul. Classified as a 'meat dog', his only value to the world was measured on scales. But Django was a lucky one... Django was rescued from life on a farm and his impending slaughter. He is now being provided with the love and care he so desperately needs to mend his broken soul and body. Django may be just one of millions of dogs destined for consumption, but he is hope...

      Django's Story

      Every year, an estimated two million dogs are raised on 'farms' and slaughtered in South Korea to supply the demand for dog meat. Dogs on these farms are forced to endure the most profound indifference to their suffering, dignity and most basic needs -- all in the name of ensuring good profitability for the farmers.

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    4. Launch of the Stop It campaign

      The launch of the "Stop It!" campaign raises the profile of the dog meat issue with the public and government in South Korea, calling for an end to this inherently cruel industry. The campaign will reposition the perception of dog meat in society by dispelling the myths that are in place which are used to defend the industry within the country, even though only a minority of South Koreans consume dog meat themselves.

      This is just the first step in our campaign to end the dog meat trade in South Korea. Please visit the "Stop It!" website and help spread the word about this campaign by liking and sharing this post. Let the world know that South Korea is calling for an end to the dog meat trade. With your help we can and will end this cruelty once and for all!

      STOP IT!

      The STOP IT! Campaign is committed to ending the suffering of dogs slaughtered for food.스탐잇! 캠페인은 식용으로 고통 받으며 죽어가는 개들에 대한 학대행위를 멈추기 위한 캠페인입니다.

    5. Reached 12,500 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Anna Mincberg WARSZAWA, POLAND
      • 3 days ago

      To South Korea people: are you really band of savages barbarians ? if you are humans so how you can do this??

    • Mili Rodriguez DENVER, UNITED STATES
      • 8 days ago

      Please end this nightmarish type of business. Dogs n cats have feelings n routings just like humans do. They seek love they give love. This cruelty must end.

    • monika yordanova LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 8 days ago

      Animal cruelty needs to stop!

    • Amy Aulsberry LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 8 days ago

      Animals have rights too! !!

      • 8 days ago

      Support the people and government of South Korea to stand up against the cruelty of the dog meat industry.


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