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Support the More Peace Corps campaign

    1. Vanessa Mason
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      Vanessa Mason

      Spring, TX

Join the campaign to make the Peace Corps bigger, better and bolder. The campaign hopes to double the Peace Corps in size and budget by 2011, the 50th anniversary of Peace Corps. A better Peace Corps means new partnerships with other innovative
organizations, major investments in public health, agriculture and
education, robust training programs, a stronger Peace Corps Response
Team (formerly Crisis Corps), and much more.  It’s about giving an edge
to an esteemed institution and trying new things—changing with the
times. How can the Peace Corps become bolder?  More volunteers and resources
along with better programs and initiatives will empower the Peace Corps
to make a difference around the world and call to action a new
generation of leaders in the United States. Check out http://www.morepeacecorps.org/ for more information.

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