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Support Public Education in Michigan

    1. Julia Kondoff
    2. Petition by

      Julia Kondoff

      Commerce, MI

Public education is one of the pillars of a functional society. A quality education for all children in Michigan is essential to their futures as well as the future of the state. As voters we expect our leaders in Lansing to support ADEQUATE, EQUITABLE and STABLE funding for public education. 

Current policies are being considered that threaten the financial stability of our Huron Valley Schools and jeporadize the quality of education that is provided to our students.

· When considering policies to reduce the tax burdens in Michigan including the reduction of the Personal Property Tax on business equipment we expect NO REDUCTION to the school aid fund. Any funds removed should be replaced from other sources.
· When considering policies in the Parent Empowerment Act, we expect leaders to consider the impact to public schools.
o FAIR – any entity receiving funds from the School Aid Fund should be held to the same standards of monetary transparency and performance reporting. All policies that apply to public schools should be applied to charter and cyber schools.
o ADEQUATE – The cost of educating children has not gone down - neither should the per pupil allowance. 
o STABLE – Diluting the school aid fund further by distributing funds to unlimited charter/cyber schools cannot be allowed to impact the existing public schools.

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      • almost 3 years ago
    • Jeannee Yakel WHITE LAKE, MI
      • almost 3 years ago

      As a parent, a public school teacher, and active citizen, I am deeply concerned about what the future of Michigan will look like if this trend of taking away from our schools continues. Already, our children are leaving Michigan to find jobs, workers are losing jobs, and senior citizens are looking elsewhere for a better retirement. Start rebuilding our state by providing fair, equitable and stable funding for public education!

    • Carole Brooks PLYMOUTH, MI
      • almost 3 years ago

      The governor and legislators are playing politics with our children and their education. Support public school teachers & their students! Children are NOT cogs on an assembly line! They are INDIVIDUALS with individual needs and abilities! All children in Michigan deserve our politicians' support - not their underhanded setting up of the public school systems to fail. IE. setting MEAP goals at a new higher level that NO student or school district will ever be able to achieve! Don't think we voters haven't noticed what you are up to! Politicians -we the voters will hold you accountable!!


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