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If you are looking for a reason to contact Washington today to demand action to cap carbon and other greenhouse pollution, here are several:

$450 million: Amount spent on lobbying and political contributions by opponents of global warming action in 2008.

52: public spokespersons engaged by polluters and the ideological right to spread disinformation about global warming online and in the media.

2,340: Number of paid lobbyists working in Washington on climate change in 2008.

7 in 8: Proportion of climate lobbyists advocating against climate action.

$45 million: Amount spent on global warming denial advertising by the coal industry in 2008.

0: Number of retractions and/or corrections published by the Washington Post after running a column by George Will containing demonstrably false claims about global warming.

Just last week, scientists announced that we are experiencing the worst case scenario in terms of global warming's devastating effects.

And yet we are witnessing an unprecedented all-out campaign by polluters and ideologues to prevent meaningful action.

Please take action and tell your elected officials you support President Barack Obama's plan to pass strong legislation this year to cap America's global warming pollution.

In the coming weeks and months we will need your support and advocacy like never before.

We must pass landmark global warming legislation this year. Our economy needs new green jobs. Our planet needs a pollution reprieve. And you and your family need a future not powered by polluting fossil fuels.

Please demand action on capping carbon.

We can't win this without your help.

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    • Ani L. Schwartz ARROYO SECO, NM
      • over 5 years ago

      Hi lea ... SHOOT !!!! I already did this one, I have seen these facts already but appreciated the memory refresher of reading them again ... was looking forward to sending them these facts you presented above ...

      these numbers are a testimony to the shameful corruption that is undermining the future of complex life on earth. Sure, there will be bacteria and fungi and single celled organisms and viruses and all kinds of what some would call "vermin" ... but no humans ... just rough, tough primitive desert life on land and who knows what in super-saturated acidic waters.

      "The meek shall inherit the earth."!!!!

    • leatrice brantley FT LAUDERDALE, FL
      • over 5 years ago

      Initiated this Pledge!


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