Support Patients' Rights to Medications Prescribed By Their Physicians'.
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Support Patients' Rights to Medications Prescribed By Their Physicians'.

    1. Matthew Vullo
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      Matthew Vullo

      Jamestown, NY


This effort is for any people that have health insurance (Private or Public) that require prior authorization for medications. If we can get a large state to follow suit, hopefully others will as well.

Thousands of low-income families that cannot afford health insurance are being denied prescriptions. These patients must go without necessary medication(s) for long periods of time because the State of New York and Fidelis Insurance require a doctors "prior authorization" for each prescription written that meets specific requirements. Also, the doctor and/or their staff must follow a time consuming protocol for medications that they prescribe.

This so called effort to reduce state spending has replaced the now illegal “pre-existing condition” clause that used to be standard with all health insurance. With this new requirement, many people, while waiting up to 2 weeks for this process to be completed, seek emergency medical care, lose their jobs and even commit suicide. This occurs simply because their doctor's prescription is deemed unnecessary by Fidelis.  Also, the paperwork, which can be found here, must be filled out for each prescription and sent to Fidelis. This tedious process has created an added workload for health care workers, most of whom do not get paid for these new duties and are already severely overwhelmed with work.

Please tell the State of New York to put an end to the human suffering and red tape and to let the Doctors that actually meet with these patients decide what they need.

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      • almost 2 years ago

      I am sick and tired of health insurance companies getting the say about what I need instead of my doctor.

    • Kathy Gleason LARGO, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      I am a patient w/chronic illnesses and in chronic pain. Without my medication, I might as well be dead. Most likely would already be dead, if I hadn't been precribed my medications. All my doctors are specialists in their field and legitimate Doctors. I live in Florida and have had problems getting my pain meds filled w/my legit prescription on several occassions. My doctor is now trying to change my meds that were working for me, because of this problem and the DEA and our Governmet has also put the fear of God into our pharmacies and our good legit doctors in the state of Florida.

      I AM sick. I AM in pain. I am not a drug addict or seeker.

      My doctor is legit. I wish that i WAS NOT CHRONICALLY ILL OR IN CHRONIC PAIN, but I am. I want the medication that works for me. It took yrs for my doctor to get me to the point that I could function somewhat, instead of being in constant pain and bed ridden. Now my Government is trying to take that away from me. SHAME ON YOU!

      Does our Government Or DEA want my wonderful life. Walk in my shoes for a day. You couldn't handle it a minute, never mind a day.

      Government & DEA are getting out of control.

      There are better solutions, to the drug problem, than taking from the sick and the poor.

      Go after the illegal doctor and the person who gives the money for these addicts to go to the doctors, if by chance they are profiting by putting some of that prescription out on the street for sale, and check out the little hole in the wall pharmacy near that doctors office, maybe they're filling out a lot of prescriptions for certain doctors (just a guess on some parts, but worth a look at)

      The illegal doctors are usually never registered with the state as pain management doctors, from what I've heard. It's not the pharmacy's fault either, if a prescription written with a doctors # on the special paper is filled for a drug addict.

      Go after the bad guys, the illegal doctors in Florida and the country, usually (aren't they cash only) and write prescriptions for massive quantities and doses of oxy to these addicts. Arrest those doctors, give them substantial fines, that can then be put towards starting saboxene clinics up for these addicts. Make these illegal doctors then work for free (closely supervised) to now cure the person now walking around with that horrible addiction/disease, that has now ruined that person's life, family relationships, etc..

      Government & DEA..think about it..give it a little thought..and stop crucifying the innocent patients and legitimate doctors an pharmacies.

      You sure don't know what is best for me, but my doctor of 8yrs, knows me well and what he has been doing has gotten me back on my feet and out of a bed or wheelchair. I sure as hell don't want to go backwards after all this work , time, pain and effort to get back on my feet.

      Do the RIGHT thing! Use your head and find your heart.

      This could happen to any of us at any time. How would any of you people (DEA or Government), like it if it were you or someone you loved suffering?

    • sharon anthony NORTH PORT, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      I have had meds ordered for me that my prescription insurance does not cover. I cannot afford to pay out of pocket, so I just do without. Thank God they are not life threatening in the immediate.

    • Donna Ratliff LITHIA, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      These problems is are going to spread to all states and all insurance companies. All Americans should be concerned. The DEA and our govt is doing everything they can to stop patients from having the medications they need. Everyone needs to stand up and start fighting back. US terrorism, this is my word for it. A war on US citizens rights.

    • Tiffany Spooner TALLAHASSEE, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      I'm signing because I'm one of the people who has chronic pain & when I try to fill my meds each month I get treated like a drug addict!! And I 'm sick n tired of it!!! My dr who writes the prescription is a legit doctor who DOESN'T just write meds for any & everyone. I wish the pharmacies would stop looking at & treating me like shit!!!!


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