Support Medical Progress through Science and Animal Research
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Support Medical Progress through Science and Animal Research

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      Advancing Animal Research

Most medical advancement is achieved through the tools provided by Science. Animal based research is a tool that benefits Humanity and animals alike. If you or a relative of yours is affected by a disease, a disability or a disorder, you'd like for cures, drugs or treatments to be available to you.  Sign this petition to show your support!

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    1. ITALY takes the lead!

      It is time to wake up - research can be stopped! Some try via stopping transport whilst others try to eliminate state funding. Please be watchful for every method, right or wrong is being used to oppose animal use. . If you are in the UK pls sign here: and follow our friends at KEEP RESEARCH AFLOAT on facebook!/pages/Keep-Research-Afloat/457928164267931

      Advancing Animal Research: Animal Legal Defense Fund Action Alerts target airlines

      Animal Legal Defense Fund : Action Alerts Looking for a cause involving animals? ALDF has it up and running on their web site. What does it mean for Airlines?

    2. Reached 500 signatures
    3. When the going gets though the though get going!

      You know the saying, it means don't give up. Exactly the spirit of those involved in animal research working towards medical progress! Some of you have made comments that stand out, read about them here: Please continue the good work and ask more to sign we need to gain each signature one by one! Thank you all, Eric.

      Advancing Animal Research: Not 4 the faint of heart!

      Let me guess who would you rather see live? Will you tell those that have an affliction that their lives equal those of a laboratory animal? Will you tell those that are paraplegic that animal research has to stop because you are against animal use?

    4. Those opposing animal research do not liberate they are jailed!

      Animal Extremists push their logic to the extreme at the expense of medical progress. Animal research benefits humans and animals. Read more here:

    5. New for our friends in Italy

      Pro-test Italia

      @protestitaliafollows you

      The official account of the non-profit association Pro-test Italia, tweeting about #biomedical research. We stand for Science and the Human Progress.

      Milano, Italy ·
      Share your latest development here.

      Sosteniamo La Scienza, Il Dibattito Ragionato ed Il Progresso Umano - Pro-Test Italia

      Pro-Test Italia è la principale risorsa Italiana per la divulgazione medica e scientifica nel dibattito pubblico che attornia la ricerca animale. Tramite i progetti e gli eventi patrocinati da PTI ci impegnamo ad informare correttamente i giornalisti, i politici, gli insegnanti, gli studenti ed i loro parenti, sul ruolo essenziale che rivestono oggi giorno gli animali da laboratorio nel settore della ricerca bio-medica e delle scoperte scientifiche.

    6. 400 Mark reached

      With the help of new signatures from France and the first from Africa (Burkina Faso) we have now reached the +400 mark. It is a great achievement and I'd like to thank you all for your efforts. Please continue to circulate the petition- comments can be left in any language and support can come from any country. A nos amis francophones Merci et bienvenue dans notre communauté pour le progrés médical!

    7. Meet Emily whom is fighting cancer

      Meet Emily , she too can benefit from medical advancement through science and animal research:

    8. Voting is important

      Big day in the US tomorrow - so is it for us because diseases never give up, pain and suffering continue and knows no borders, no limits unless it is stopped by research through science and animal research. Please reach out, let others know about your action and ask them to sign. Recent examples in Italy (Greenhill) and India (Air India) shows us how research can be stopped by a minority. Together we are the voice of the majority , ask all to join our community and sign this petition!

    9. Through science&animal research let's bring hope and progress on the way!

      Can't do without you! So much help is needed, especially if you have a child with down's syndrome and one with cerebral palsy. Meet those for whom life despite the daily challenges is a sunshine... Ask all your facebook and twitter contacts to sign and join our community!Share your latest development here.

      Bringing the Sunshine - Motherhood With a Double Dose of Special {Needs}

      This October I decided to open up the floor to reader questions as part of my contribution to Down Syndrome Awareness Month. As long as you kept it clean (and you did!), nothing was off limits - Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, birth stories, parenting, photography.

    10. Air India transports lab animals again!

      It is now confirmed read here:
      One more reason to sign the petition - we do not want to be held hostage by an extremist minority! Healthcare matters to all of us - we depend on the progress made through research. Research helps to save lives. Please get more to sign our petition, our message is worth listening to.
      If you care to read about being held hostage by a minority, read my piece I wrote back in April:

      Air India rolls back decision, will carry live animals for lab tests - Indian Express

      Air India (AI) has withdrawn its controversial decision to not fly live animals meant for scientific experiments. It has admitted that the earlier decision had been taken after the carrier was "approached by (animal rights group) PETA", and that it had agreed to not carry animals "in order to avoid adverse publicity which could prove detrimental to the image of Air India".

    11. Air india transports again but battle not over

      Can someone please confirm that Air India has reversed their decision? The battle is not over there are too many that are waiting for cures or treatments. Let us together grow the signatures by sharing it with all our friends and colleagues, mention it in conversations, drop a note with your colleagues and if you happen to have media contacts let them know too. Once higher numbers will be achieved all of us can use this as an example of a grass roots action in support of medical advancement m he importance of animal research and how it helps in saving lives.

    12. Air India stops research - oppose by signing the petition!

      Signing the petition is important. There are patients waiting for cures, yet what do extremist do? They stop research animal transport and oppose any animal use. Read the story of Air india in my post here:
      They call you torturers, slave traders and more - yet they only represent themselves a virulent minority. We have petitioners from Sri Lanka and India , they too feel the pressure. Please get the message out by all means we need to make a difference and get all to sign on. I know we can do this - those that suffer count on us!

      Advancing Animal Research: Air India blocks research.

      Reading this article , should send shivers down your spine! An Air India cargo manager issued , or most likely was asked to issue, a circular in which staff were instructed not to accept laboratory destined animals on Air India flights.

    13. We all make a difference

      Our target now is to reach a thousand - add two or three of your friends, relatives or colleagues from facebook, twitter or other networks and the we will be there! Do not let a minority silence a majority. WE ALL NEED MEDICAL PROGRESS. Think of those that need cures, that are incapacitated, have a disorder, cannot speak, are burned, wait for an organ, suffer from a disease, are paraplegic, are mentally challenged the list goes on and on. WE SPEAK FOR THEM. We support and therefore ask all to sign this petition. We are not against animals we want medical progress for all!

    14. We are change, we voice our choice, we make a difference!

      Welcome Ute, Brianne, Zio, guido, Peter, Alessandro, Vera and all others that have joined us a few hours ago in support of medical advancement and the quest of saving lives! Here's an inspiring real life story - as real as your comments and why animal research is needed, today and tomorrow .
      Please share this and get more to sign our petition - the wave is coming!

      Open-source science helps San Carlos father's genetic quest - San Jose Mercury News

      One tiny flaw in one gene in one little girl. That explains why Beatrice Rienhoff, 8, is so lean and leggy. But it took the communal contributions of many researchers -- in an open-ended, open-source scientific search, led by her father -- to solve Bea's singular mystery.

    15. Opposition to medical advancement using science and animal research

      They say it is cruel, outdated and has no benefit. I say ASK Mike Robbins whom suffers from Parkinson's desease. (brain research, parkinsons disease, non human primate use in research)

      We all need medical advancement - it saves lives - Ours !

    16. Reached 250 signatures
    17. 200 mark almost reached

      Italy leads the way in rounding up signatures , great job! We can all lead this effort by asking more to join our collective effort. Finding cures, treatments, drugs, vaccines, medical procedures matters to all of us. We need to send a strong and clear message that the public understands and supports medical advancement through science and animal research because it matters to all of us. Let's continue to support those that day in day out are involved in this critical process. Thank you all for your support, your time and for getting more to sign on!

    18. Reached 200 signatures
    19. Medical advancement & animal research - 1/3rd of the way

      We are getting momentum and have reached one third of the way.
      You make all the difference. A huge difference.
      The difference between those that remain silent and those who voice their opinion.
      Ask your friends, colleagues or relatives to cast a vote towards medical advancement through science and animal research. Help us support the tools that are at our disposal.
      Help us to support those that day in day out are looking for cures, for treatments, drugs or vaccines and that are improving the lives of millions of us, including animals. Perhaps a close relative of yours or yourself.
      Help spread the word and join the community.


    20. Reached 25 signatures
    21. Medical advancement using animal research- because its worth it!

      Hi Folks, we are at 23 signatures and most likely neither one of us is a frequent user of this type of media, but I must say it works. Think of the thousands that sign online petitions against medical progress using animal research and I am sure you will find two or three friends, colleagues or relatives in your immediate environment that will sign. Our goal of 100 is well within reach if each of you talks about this petition. Even better pass it on to your email/facebook /twitter contacts or put it on your web page/blog etc. In advance thank you all for getting this far!

    22. Modern medicine advances through animal research

      well done folks, we can do more by asking our friends and colleaues to join us by signing the petition. Many a person is currently suffering, awaiting a cure or a treatment and we can be their voice to ensure medical progress through animal research continues to advance! Keep it up , together we will reach the 100 mark.

    23. Reached 10 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Linda Chezem MOORESVILLE, IN
      • over 1 year ago

      Disease causes poverty and pain. Animal models will help reduce disease and promote a just society.

    • Andrea Loro BOLOGNA, ITALY
      • over 1 year ago

      Because it's important to substain biomedical research (and also animal experimentation)for all sick peolple and animals in the world and against animal rights activists who are ignorants at all.

    • Ross Kardon PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • over 1 year ago

      I am all for actions to save endangered wildlife species, rainforests, and other conservation efforts.

      However, I am against the animal rights movement because medical research, using live animals is absolutely necessary.

      The animal rights idiots, because of their working 24/7 to stop this kind of necessary medical research, are committing an insane crime against humanity!

      If it were not for the use of Rhesus monkeys in experiments to develop the polio vaccine, many of us readiing my comment would doing so, while wearing a polio

      leg brace, or in an iron lung!

    • Trina Hancock CALGARY, CANADA
      • over 1 year ago

      There is currently no acceptable alternative to animal research. Until one is found, scientific progress must continue!

    • GRAZIE MILLE Lorenzo, Alan, Domenico, Edoardo, Michelle, Giulia, Andrea, Stefano, Francesco, Alessio, Guiseppe, Giovanna! Research saves LIVES - ours, our family, friends, colleagues and even those against animal use! Keep it UP and ask all to sign this worldwide petition. Show it to your politicians and representatives because research matters to all of us.

      Thanks, Eric


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