Support H.R. 2990 - The National Emergency Employment Defense Act of 2011
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Support H.R. 2990 - The National Emergency Employment Defense Act of 2011

    1. Kevin Haake
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      Kevin Haake

      Lincoln, NE

The US monetary system, which has been in place since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, is desperately outdated. The adoption of that act abdicated the authority of the Federal Government to create money and gave it to the private Federal Reserve system. It is time that the US modernize its monetary policies and reclaim its constitutionally granted authority to originate, spend, and lend money into circulation as needed. H.R. 2990 does just that. It replaces the current Federal Reserve system in an orderly manner, ending the Fed as we know it.

The current system, as practiced under the Federal Reserve, is a debt-based monetary system, where money comes into existence primarily through private bank lending. This can neither create nor sustain a stable economic environment, and has proven to be a source of chronic financial instability and frequent crisis, as evidenced by the near collapse the financial system in 2008. It has also resulted in a situation where unaccountable private financial institutions have an undue influence over public policy.

H.R. 2990 creates a Monetary Authority which will pursue a monetary policy based upon the governing principal that the supply of money in circulation shall not be inflationary or deflationary in and of itself, but will be sufficient to allow goods and services to trade freely and in a balanced manner. It will maintain the long-term growth of the system, provide for efficient public investment in capital infrastructure, and effectively promote the goals of maximum employment, price stability, and long-term interest stability.

By signing this petition, we ask our elected representatives to do what they can to support H.R. 2990, the NEED Act of 2011. It is time to put America back to work. It is time to modernize our outdated monetary system so it works for all of us. It is time to pass H.R. 2990!

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    Reasons for signing

    • Garth Wells NOVATO, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Monetary reform is the most pressing issue facing us right now. I too am doing what I can to spread the word with my campaign at Let's make this the number one issue for the 2012 election.

    • John Luhman MADISON, WI
      • over 2 years ago

      This is the best jobs bill I have yet seen. Anything less than this bill shows a severe lack of concern for American Workers.

    • karen Henry WHEATLAND, MO
      • over 2 years ago

      I am signing because Americans of intelligence and courage must join forces to stop the criminal money cartel in this country, which includes those who control the Federal Reserve

    • Sonny Walls COOLIDGE, AZ
      • over 2 years ago

      I'm getting extremely tired of FED policies that eating away the purchasing power of the US Dollar....and their constant manipulation of the stock market which rips off small investors....

    • Joseph Pijanowski WILLOWBROOK, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      HR2990 would incorporate the FED into the Treasury, reclaim the authority of the US Treasury to create OUR money supply in a debt free manner, provide $2.2 Trillion for infrastructure repair over 5 years (creating over 7 million long term JOBS) AND pay off the National Debt as it comes due.


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