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Support County Executive Ed Mangano's Petition In Support of the Taxpayer Relief Act

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      Nassau County Executive Office

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano introduced the Taxpayer Relief Act which allows him to order labor savings for 2012 should the County’s labor unions fail to finalize givebacks over the coming weeks. While the Legislative Majority passed a balanced budget for 2011, budgets for 2012 and beyond will not be balanced unless County Executive Mangano and the Legislature rein in the entitlement-laden labor contracts negotiated by former County Executive Tom Suozzi.  These contracts include annual salary increases, longevity pay, educational allowances that do not require any education, time off for donating blood and even a no-lay-off provision.  Over the life of the contracts, total benefits derived are projected to exceed the Consumer Price Index (CPI) by over $500 million unless concessions are made.  The only possible solution is to restructure the county labor contracts that are currently threatening Nassau County’s fiscal stability.

County Executive Mangano Needs Your Help!

Please join the County Executive in supporting the Taxpayer Relief Act.


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    • Margaret McKenna EAST NORWICH, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      Reduce the school taxes for senior citzens! Few are still fortunate enough to have remained in their homes. So many seniors must relocate as they can not longer pay the high taxes. A school tax adjustment would sure help! Thank you

    • joseph petrosino FLORAL PARK, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      my taxes are OVER 12,OOO A YEAR and they went up this year shouldn't they gone DOWN!?

    • William Sweeney GARDEN CITY, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      Thanks Mr. Mangano! It's time for LI to step up like WI has. Take back the government.

    • Christian Sansivero FARMINGDALE, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      The taxes we pay to support (for the most part) absurd salaries, benefits and pensions given to our civil servants is in sane. The see through NY website confirmed to me that almost everybody from the top down is over compensated big time, bordering on corruption. We cant have our phys ed teachers making 150k before benefits (LOL) Thats 1k per day because the last I looked they still had summers off. OK, my bloods about to start boiling again, so its time to shut it down.....happy thoughts, pins and needles, needles and pins!!!!!


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