Support a Strong U.S.-UN Partnership That Keeps America Safe
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Support a Strong U.S.-UN Partnership That Keeps America Safe

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The United States can't combat the world's challenges alone, nor should it. The United Nations is an essential partner of the U.S. and helps share the burden of addressing our global challenges.

But some members of Congress want to weaken the U.S. commitment to the United Nations. We can't afford to let our commitments to the UN slip. Moreover, Congress may consider legislation that would fundamentally alter how the UN operates -- in a bad way.

Recent testimony by Ambassador Susan E. Rice to the House Foreign Affairs Committee laid out why the UN can't succeed without strong U.S. commitment. A strong U.S.-UN relationship will lead to better and more effective global policies that will:  

-- Prevent conflict and keep nations from slipping back into war. More than 120,000 military, police, and civilian peacekeepers are now deployed in 14 operations worldwide, in places such as Haiti, Sudan, and Liberia.  

-- Help halt the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Over the past two years, the United States led efforts that imposed the toughest sanctions to date on Iran and North Korea.  

-- Help isolate terrorists and human rights abusers by sanctioning individuals and companies associated with terrorism, atrocities, and cross-border crime.  

-- Get desperately needed assistance to places around the world where others will not go. UN agencies deliver food, water, and medicine to those who need it most, from Darfur to Pakistan, and many other places around the world.  

-- Promote universal values that Americans hold dear, including human rights, democracy, and equality—whether it’s by calling out the human rights abuses in Iran, North Korea, and Burma or offering leadership and taking action in crisis situations, including the ongoing conflict in Libya.

The UN delivers real results for every American by advancing U.S. security through genuine burden-sharing. That burden-sharing is more important than ever at a time when the threats don’t stop at our borders, when Americans are hurting and cutting back, and when American troops remain in harm’s way.

Tell Congress you agree with Ambassador Rice, and urge your members of Congress to support a strong U.S.-UN relationship.

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    • Bruce Whitney BIRMINGHAM, AL
      • over 3 years ago

      The price of isolationism is catastrophically high. Involvement with and support of international bodies is our greatest surety of peace and prosperity. I cannot stress highly enough my approval of US participation in global mechanism.


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