Support a 28th Amendment for The Separation of Corporation and State
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Support a 28th Amendment for The Separation of Corporation and State

    1. Jenni Siri
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      Jenni Siri

      Ligonier, IN

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

Record spending in the 2010 election -- including hundreds of millions of corporate dollars -- has shown us clearly what’s wrong with the idea that corporations have a right to spend limitless money on elections, as if they were people. When corporations take over our democracy, people lose.

In January 2010, a closely divided Supreme Court opened the floodgates, ruling that corporations have a Constitutional “free speech” right to spend money on elections. The court trampled on decades of settled law, including the new McCain-Feingold law enacted just a few years ago by members of Congress from both parties.

Corporations (and the Supreme Court) are out of control. It’s time to take back our democracy. 

Text is from Free Speech For People and MoveToAmend

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In addition, this issue goes beyond just corporate takeover of the American electoral process and all the way back to the judicial bastardization of the 14th Amendment (for freed slaves) to include the ridiculous notion of "corporate personhood." Thus, since the 14th Amendment rulings have allowed corporations to overtake this country's government where the Church has been Constitutionally kept out, we are forced to call for a 28TH AMENDMENT FOR THE SEPARATION OF CORPORATION AND STATE. 

Study Results

January 20, 2011 - On the eve of the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s controversial ruling inCitizens United v. Federal Election Commission, a new public opinion survey finds that seventy-nine percent of Americans sharply disapprove of the decision and support a Constitutional amendment to reverse the Court’s ruling. The study, conducted by Hart Research Associates on behalf of Free Speech for People, confirmed previous polls that found wide-ranging and strong disapproval for the decision but is the most comprehensive to date to measure public support for enacting a Constitutional amendment. In the 111th Congress, Members, including Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) and Representative Donna Edwards (D-MD4) introduced amendment bills seeking to overturn the Citizens United decision. (this bill must now be reintroduced into the 112th Congress)

“This study demonstrates that across a broad political spectrum, the American people oppose the Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. FEC,” said John Bonifaz, co-founder and director of Free Speech for People. “They are ready for a Constitutional amendment campaign that will restore our democracy and return corporations to their place as economic rather than political entities.”

The survey found support for a Constitutional amendment “to make clear that corporations do not have the same rights as people” crosses all party lines. Large majorities of Democrats (87%), independents (82%), and Republicans (68%) support passage of the amendment. “Each of the arguments in favor of passing a Constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision,” Hart Research reports, “is more convincing than any of the arguments against it, and the least effective argument against passage is that it will take too long and is not a good use of Congress’s time.”

“In many different ways,” Hart Research concludes, “the American public makes clear its disapproval of the ruling in the Citizens United case and signals its broad support for a Constitutional amendment to overturn this decision and make clear that corporations do not have the same rights as people. There is a clear desire to readjust the level of influence that corporations have in the nation’s political, legislative, and regulatory systems.”

A full report of the survey findings can be found here.

The above text comes from Free Speech For People.

Please see the letter below.


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    1. Great time to spread this petition around again.

      Jenni Siri
      Petition Organizer

      With the Occupy movement taking hold all around the country, more and more people are thinking about getting corporate money out of politics. Please email this, post it on facebook, twitter, or any other social sites that you use. In addition please sign the petition that Dylan Ratigan has going. I'll attach the link to it.
      Our Link:

    2. Occuply Wall Street Protests are Ongoing and Growing!

      Jenni Siri
      Petition Organizer

      The Occupy Wall Street protests go hand and hand with what we want to accomplish with this petition. We desperately need to get corporate money out of politics and a 28th Amendment would do just that.

    3. Reached 4,000 signatures
    4. Can the Voice of the People Overpower the Koch Brothers' Whisper?

      Jess Leber
      Petition Organizer

      Gossip in DC is already flying fast about candidates for the 2012 election.
      Far away in Palm Springs, California, oil billionaires also will soon be hard at work—not just speculating about the election, but plotting how best to hijack our choices....


    Reasons for signing

    • Francis Zeller OSWEGO, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      I pledge allegiance to the dollar of the United States of America,

      and to the republic for which it pays,

      one nation under God (is that the Judeo-Christian God, Allah, John Smith or the almighty Science?,

      now I've gone and done it, its all divided up and no longer)


      (but still)

      with liberty and justice for the rich...

      USA is #1

    • Patrick Webb ROSWELL, GA
      • over 2 years ago

      It's a game to those who have all the money. We're the ones living through it, and who have to suffer from the choices they make.

    • Tyler Leggat MARIETTA, GA
      • over 2 years ago

      Corporations lead to greed and greed happens to be the root of all evil. I don't even like our government, but to keep it from getting any worse, I have to sign this petition.

    • robert e goellner LINCOLN PARK, NJ
      • over 2 years ago

      Our Government is bought. Teddy Roosevelt warned us of this as did Eisenhower, FDR, Jackson and may others including Jefferson. We now have a governemnt that operates treasonously, and not at all for The People.

    • Richard Seeger CHEBOYGAN, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      This is very true, Corporations are a bunch of people and shouldn't be treated as a person.


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