Supermarkets - sell us everyday food and drink in PACKAGING which can be REUSED to build WIND/SOLAR solutions or insulate our homes. Please help to save the planet for our children...and reduce our ridiculously expensive gas and electricity bills!

    1. Senake Atureliya
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      Senake Atureliya

      London, United Kingdom

NOTE: emails are not enabled for this petition - so you don't need to worry about any repercussions of being one of the first to sign. Lists of names in random order will be delivered to the large retail multiples - every time we get over 10,000 signatures

Your support is vital because we need to drastically increase the uptake of green energy to reduce climate change. Without this we will continue to be exploited by the energy providers and there will be no future for our children and grand children.

Full details of the wind/solar solutions and redesigned packaging can be found on the Indiegogo project site -

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