Bring back Coach Blalock to RB Baeball
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Superintendent Dr. Collins

Bring back Coach Blalock to RB Baeball

    1. Gosuke Katoh
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      Gosuke Katoh

      Poway, CA

After 40 years of service to the district, Coach Blalock was fired November 30 by PUSD superintendent Dr. Collins. He has been the face of Rancho Bernardo baseball with his 10 CIF titles and 784 victories. However these statistics are minuscule compared to the life lessons he teaches both on and off the field. He is a fatherly figure to many that we as players look up to highly. The reason of his layoff is yet to be discovered, but we know for a fact it was not financially driven and he was definitely not involved in any criminal actions. Coming off 2 straight CIF victories and a respectable rank of 8th in the nation, our future looked bright until this tragic event. Please support us by signing this petition. Thanks

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    1. Coach Blalock is Back!

      Gosuke Katoh
      Petition Organizer

      It has been made official that coach Blalock has been added back to our coaching staff. Our whole team would like to thank you for all the support and we definitely could not have done it without you. Thanks

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