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Say no to the Success Academy Charter Schools District 2 application

    1. Parent Leaders of Upper Eastside Schools
    2. Petition by

      Parent Leaders of Upper Eastside Schools

The District 2 community is not in favor of placing Success Academy schools in public school facilities in District 2 (including existing and new District 2 facilities). Our excellent public schools throughout the district make the addition of charter schools unnecessary. Locating charter schools in the district will further increase the overcrowding with no benefit to the district. Rather than co-locating within our excellent District 2 public schools, we would like to see charter schools use their own resources to find space and house their schools.

Recent signatures


    1. State favors Charter Schools and their powerful lobby

      Support 1.1 million public school children
      Join the rally to "Save NYC Public Education"
      on the steps of the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue and 41stStreet at 4:00PM this Thursday, April 10th

      read more:


      Cuomo Played Pivotal Role in Charter School Push

      It was a frigid February day in Albany, and leaders of New York City's charter school movement were anxious. They had gone to the capital to court lawmakers, but despite a boisterous showing by parents, there seemed to be little clarity about the future of their schools.

    2. Decision-maker Richard Gottfried responds:

      Richard Gottfried

      Dear Friend:

      Thank you very much for writing to let me know of your opposition to Success Academy’s application to co-locate in any existing or future District 2 school.

      I agree with you on this issue. I am concerned about charter ...

    3. Call to action for Friday June 22, The Charter vote is this Monday

      Our petition is getting noticed in Albany.
      1) Call Lawrence Schwartz Secretary to the Governor 9-5 Friday June 22
      212-681-4580 or 518-474-424
      Tell Mr. Schwartz
      We do not need Success Academy Charter Schools in District 2. Most of our schools are already performing at a high level.
      What we do need is additional space and funding to keep them on target and improve them further.

      2) Like or join 'Parent Leaders of Upper Eastside Schools' on facebook

    4. Reached 750 signatures
    5. Decision-maker Judith Schneider responds:

      Judith Schneider

      Charter schools should be located in their own buildings--not an existing DOE facility.

    6. Decision-maker Judith Schneider responds:

      Judith Schneider

      I am in full support of this petition.

    7. Reached 10 signatures
    8. Decision-maker CB1 responds:


      We appreciate your efforts regarding education, but we ask that you please stop emailing the Community Board 1 Office about this issue. We represent Lower Manhattan, below Canal Street, and have not had any applications for a Success Acad...

    9. Reached 5 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Nicole Giacco NEW YORK, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      My daughter is a student in District 2. Her school is already at capacity and I don't want to see her resources drained.

      • over 2 years ago

      Stop charter school in our current school building.

    • Cristina Dodd BROOKLYN, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      Charter schools should not only NOT co-locate in our public schools, they should be abolished from our city as they promote segregation and sap much needed resources from our local public schools in order to line the pockets of the charter management organizations and their executives!

    • Jana Helmrich NY, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      Charter schools should not co-locate in District 2 schools.

    • Evelyn Covington BRONX, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      My grandaughter attends a District School 2. They do not need another school in the Julia Richmond Complex


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