Summit, New Jersey Mayor and Board of School Estimate: Pass the proposed updates to make Jefferson School both safe and sanitary
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Mayor Ellen Dickson
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Summit Board of School Estimate
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Summit, New Jersey Mayor and Board of School Estimate: Pass the proposed updates to make Jefferson School both safe and sanitary

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      Jefferson School PTO

Jefferson School has a multitude of long-standing safety, sanitation and space challenges as well as more recently identified security related needs. The staff and students of Jefferson School deserve to spend their days in a building that is safe, sanitary, secure and able to meet the needs of the student population. Key areas of concern that need to be included in a solution are:


-- The steep and unforgiving slope in the rear of the building. This slope serves as a primary entrance/exit for much of the student body and staff and becomes particularly dangerous during inclement weather.

--The electrical unit/transformer located adjacent to the playground/blacktop area.

-- The atrocious lack of appropriately located bathrooms that mean female students as young as 6-years old must climb 2 stories unaccompanied to use a restroom during recess or lunch. This lack of bathrooms also means there are not facilities on hand for girls to wash their hands between recess and lunch.

 --The space constraints caused by the amended use of large portion of the Jefferson cafeteria for instruction.

 -- The complete lack of a suitably located main office and corresponding containment area for visitors.

 We are asking that the Board of School Estimate approve the Jefferson portion of the Five Year Facilities plan in its entirety. Swift approval of the plan will demonstrate a commitment to the staff and students of Jefferson School and create an educational environment that all of Summit can be proud of. A failure to vote on May 13th or a vote against the holistic Jefferson plan will send a message that these very basic needs for a safe environment, appropriately located restrooms, and adequate space are somehow not “worth it.” As a community we will be left to wonder about the “why” when other less needs driven proposals are being approved.  We urge you to maintain a focus on the student and staff and approve the entire plan for Jefferson School.

 Thank you for your consideration and your hard work on behalf of all the Summit schools.

What this is: An effort to address long-standing issues on the Jefferson campus and within our school that relate to safety, sanitation and security.

 What this is not: anything to do with Full Day Kindergarten.


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    • Marie Zotti SUMMIT, NJ
      • over 1 year ago

      Keep our children safe. My Great Nephew Jack Zotti attends Jefferson Schoo as did my brother Ralph and myself.

    • Melanie Hughes SUMMIT, NJ
      • over 1 year ago

      it's important as it's kids safely and wellbeing.

    • Aimee Messer SUMMIT, NJ
      • over 1 year ago

      Every student should have a safe environment in which to learn

    • Rebecca Di Sabato SUMMIT, NJ
      • over 1 year ago

      Have 2nd starting kindergarten and will attend Jefferson as current 5th grade child. Thought it would be fixed by now

    • Rocco Flores SUMMIT, NJ
      • over 1 year ago

      My daughter is a first grader


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