Submit a photo to Save the Whales! (and we'll show it to the President)

Submit a photo to Save the Whales! (and we'll show it to the President)

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As you may already know, President Obama's administration is currently supporting a proposal to the International Whaling Commission that would legalize commercial whaling for the first time since 1986. We can't let this happen and we need your help!

On June 3rd, we'll deliver thousands of your photos and messages to the President and other White House officials. You can take part and have your photo among those delivered by submitting a photo to Save the Whales!

We're looking for fun, creative, powerful photos with a human touch to them. And the more people in your photos, the stronger the message to the President will be that lots of us care about the future of the whales! Please submit your photos by Weds, May 26th.

Download the photo submission toolkit right now for some great ideas and submission guidelines.

We've already got some great photo submissions for you to check out and get inspired by:

We'll also display your photo on a special Flickr account we've made, and if you'd like, you can enter it in our photo contest. Download the photo submission toolkit to read more about the contest.

You don't have to enter the contest to submit a photo -- we want everyone who cares about the future of the whales to take part in this powerful action to show the President our opposition to commercial whaling.

Help us Save the Whales, again! Submit a photo today!

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    • robin-antoine perri HAMBURG, DE
      • over 4 years ago

      to much plastic in the water,to much pollution, the whales plays a big role in the see world, so we got to safe them, even if this whale-oil is very healthy. the weapons make it to easy to get these beautiful animals, so overfishing gonna happens faster than the last time, we should throw all the weapons a way specially nuclear, biological and chemical-weapons anywhere and make peace on mother earth, plus we gut to make sure how to close a pipeline, ones it gone, before we land on mars.

    • Matt Sherman UKIAH, CA
      • over 4 years ago

      Corporate bastards are destroying the world!  Stop the Stupids..i.e Obama and his mindless drones


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