Students for the Accountability of Jeffry Mathis: We call for the immediate removal of Jeffry Mathis from the SJSU faculty.
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Students for the Accountability of Jeffry Mathis: We call for the immediate removal of Jeffry Mathis from the SJSU faculty.

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      Students for the Accountability of Jeffry Mathis

June 2013


From Petition Creator: Through support of concerned students and community members our petition to remove Jeffry Mathis from the SJSU faculty was able to reach over 600 signatures! Not only did we receive coverage from NBC Bay Area and the journal Inside Higher Ed, the SJSU administration recently issued the following response to our mission: "SJSU Students, We share your concern about the recent NBC 11 story describing an alleged sexual battery case at SJSU involving a lecturer, Jeffry Mathis and a female student. We are writing today to let you know that SJSU cares about and is firmly committed to providing a safe environment for everyone in the campus community. We strive to implement timely and appropriate actions to protect our community members, including promptly, carefully and thoroughly investigating all complaints, followed by appropriate responses and actions. If there is any reason to believe a crime has occurred or safety is at risk, the University Police Department is contacted, and if appropriate, the matter is referred to the Santa Clara County District Attorney. Regarding the allegations made in the news report, the University conducted a thorough internal investigation in addition to a police investigation immediately after the student filed the complaint. Based on those investigations, the University took appropriate action. Because this is a personnel matter, the specific details of the actions taken are confidential. However, Mr. Mathis is no longer employed by SJSU. Mohammad Qayoumi, President" Once again, thank you for all of your support in signing and sharing this petition. Together, we will continue to make the campus community a safer place for everybody. Sincerely, Students for the Accountability of Jeffry Mathis

We are petitioning in regards to a recent report about a San Jose State faculty member accused of sexual assault by a female student (who wishes to remain anonymous), details of which can be found in the following link:

The article states the incident took place in August of 2012; within an hour, the student filed a report to the University Police Department at SJSU accusing Jeffry Mathis, a Kinesiology lecturer, of sexual assault. The following day, Mathis admitted he “made a terrible mistake” in an email sent to the student yet the University has declined to hold him accountable, at least in the form of a disciplinary hearing. We are outraged that in the 9 months that have passed since the incident occurred, no action has been taken by the University to discipline Mathis, despite having been accused of such a serious offense. Due to the unsafe climate this incident has caused, as signatories of this petition, we call for the immediate removal of Jeffry Mathis from SJSU.

According to the “Handbook for Faculty Members at SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY”, (, Jeffry Mathis has violated the following policies which fall under his faculty responsibilities:

(Section II.B.2, point 3) “insure that...professional contacts with students are free from any exploitation, harassment, or discrimination”.

(Section II.B.4, point i) “ help ensure that the university meets its commitment to maintain an environment that values diversity and that is free from discrimination and harassment” (emphasis added).

Not only did he violate University policies but as a faculty member he held power over the student and should not have allowed any compromising situation to ensue; despite having claimed the incident as “consensual”, Mathis ultimately had power over both the student and the situation.

We demand social justice for the female student, who feels angry and frustrated as she continues her studies at San Jose State; the University has greatly failed to bring justice to her case. Join our call for the University to revise their neutral stance on the sexual assault of the student with regards to the lack of discipline handed to Jeffry Mathis; we ask for his removal from our University. Choosing to ignore this is essentially condoning and tolerating sexual assault within the San Jose State campus; “if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”. Should the administration at San Jose State University choose to do nothing regarding this case, you can be assured we will not be silent and idle in the face of such injustice.

Students for the Accountability of Jeffry Mathis

*ADMINISTRATOR NOTE: Please be aware that marking your comments as "anonymous" will only affect your privacy level on this petition page. Your personal information AND "ANONYMOUS COMMENTS" will still be forwarded to the individuals (such as Pres. MO) that are being petitioned as verification that you signed it. YOU MAY RECEIVE A PHONE CALL OF AN INTIMIDATING NATURE FROM SJSU AS A RESULT. Thank you for your support AND BE AWARE THAT WE HOLD NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY ACTION SJSU MAY OR MAY NOT TAKE ACTION AGAINST YOU; WE CANNOT PROTECT YOU FROM ANY RETALITION AND HARASSMENT THAT MAY OCCUR AS A RESULT OF CONTRIBUTING YOUR COMMENTS, ANONYMOUS OR NOT.

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    • Ann Marie Davis OAKLAND, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      This is so wrong.

    • Nicole Morillo SAN JOSE, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      No student, male or female, should feel threatened or intimidated by any member of the faculty. I'm a graduated of San Jose State University and I strongly support this petition.

    • Kim Chaffee MORGAN HILL, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      Last I checked sexual assault is a crime, and the school should not be allowed to police themselves. A civic rights act and constitutional rights have been violated, and this teacher/predator need to be arrested and fired. Anyone can do a citizen arrest on him...

    • Michelle Norris HAYWARD, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      I am an African American woman and an alumni. I received a BS in Business and MBA from SJSU. I am appalled at the University's handling of this situation. Jeffry Mathis conduct was outrageous and inappropriate on so many different levels that I am almost speechless. The University's failure to follow up with the female student is reminiscent of a time when it was common to blame woman for being brutally raped. The University handling of this incident leads me to the question: “What else has the University swept under the rug?” Signed – Michelle N. ashamed to be a SJSU graduate

    • Tracy DeHaan SAN JOSE, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      This type of behavior from a faculty member is unacceptable. As a former SJSU student AND a current faculty member I strongly support the remove of Jeffry Mathis. The SJSU community has no place for individuals who violate student trust by taking advantage of their position of power.


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