Stopping children from being sexually abused by educators
  • Petitioned Adopt extensive background checks for teachers and school administrators

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Adopt extensive background checks for teachers and school administrators

Stopping children from being sexually abused by educators

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      Love Our Children USA

Too many children have suffered as victims of child sexual abuse at the hands of their teachers and school administrators. We send our children to school to learn -- not to be sexually abused. Child sexual abuse is ocurring at an alarming rate in our schools. This must end immediately. While we don't want innocent and good teachers to have to be penalized by going through annual background checks, five child sexual abuse cases in New York City in one month, the Miramonte School child abuse sex scandal in LA and the case against Naples, FL teacher Steven Noyes is too much. Child molestors choose to work near children so they can have the opportunity to groom them for child sexual abuse. We can no longer let our children be harmed by educators. We must insist that all educators and school administrators go through extensive background checks before being hired and extensive mandatory background checks on an annual basis. Let us protect our children rather than protect those who harm them and keep silent.

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    • Catherine colbert PITTSBURGH, PA
      • 10 months ago

      Both of my sons were molested by teachers male and female In Clearwater Florida. 1 is still not reported other Brian anderson had molested. Many more at time of arrest. Nerd you to help with teacher Jean Fitzgerald who worked at Robinson alternative in Clearwater she resides in buffalo now and her ex joe worked for FBI.

      Left her after finding out and never reported

      Catherine Colbert. 412 8129080. This is not a joke. Both my son ad his friend now have drug ad depression and jail started after. I was taking care. Of two dying parents and working fullyime nut other parent know of all this and did nothing. My son only talked of it when he began heroine abuse. Asked my older some who is a chief in navy. To my dismay he confirmed

      • over 2 years ago

      Everyone should beware, child molesters go 15 to 17 years before they are caught and are registered sex offenders, imagine how many sex offenders are out there and not caught yet? Plus many register one address like their mother's house or sisters but actually live somewhere else like a girlfriends house, and this is how they go under the radar, and hurt more children in other counties where t hey do not come up under the police radar! We must fight for out kids, protect them and never leave then alone or trust them to anyone, distrust the nicest of the nice , because child offenders are very "NICE" and Extremely Deceitful!


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