Stop Your Baby Can Read's Deceptive Advertising
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Stop Your Baby Can Read's Deceptive Advertising

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      Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

On April 12, CCFC filed a Federal Trade Commission complaint against Your Baby Can Read! for false and deceptive marketing.  The $200 video series encourages parents to put infants as young as three months in front of screens. Yet according to literacy experts who have examined Your Baby Can Read!, the program does not teach actual reading; at best, it’s memorization. Nor is there evidence that babies who watch the videos are better readers later on.

In addition to conning parents out of $200, Your Baby Can Read! may be putting babies at risk.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no screen time for children under age two.  Research links infant screen time to sleep disturbances and delayed language acquisition, as well as problems in later childhood such as poor school performance and childhood obesity. 

Please urge the FTC to stop Your Baby Can Read from deceiving parents by signing the petition below.  If you've purchased
YBCR, please be sure to indicate that in the comment box.

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