Stop Voter Suppression Legislation in Tennessee
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Stop Voter Suppression Legislation in Tennessee

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On Wednesday, March 2, the House General Sub-committee of State and Local Government will hear legislation that will suppress voting in Tennessee. HB0007 & HB0402 will require Tennessee citizens to present photo identification before voting in elections.

Each proposed law will create extra hassles for many citizens without a photo ID when voting, including people who are poor, elderly, transgender or those who have religious objections to being photographed. HB0007 & HB0402 may force some citizens to complete extra paperwork not currently required and raises the risk of harassment and disenfranchisement of such voters.

Voter turnout is already low in Tennessee. The state does not need to create extra barriers that make it harder to vote in Tennessee elections.

A version of one of these bills has already passed in the Tennessee Senate.

Tell the House General Sub-Committee of State & Local Government to vote against HB0007 and HB0402.

If you live in the district of a Representative serving on House General Sub-committee of State and Local Government, telephone him or her today and encourage them to vote no on HB0007 and HB0402 (Click the House members on the link in this sentence for phone numbers). Then send a message through this petition to the entire committee encouraging them to vote no.

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    • Audrey May MEMPHIS, TN
      • over 3 years ago

      As the daughter of an immigrant, and someone who grew up in he segregated South, I must oppose these measures which pose additional barriers to voting. These measures do not increase our "security" but would only serve to discourage voting, or intimidate voters.. Please oppose them.


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