Stop Verizon’s Corporate Greed
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Stop Verizon’s Corporate Greed

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If you’re comfortable with corporate greed and destroying middle-class jobs, this petition is not for you. But, if massive executive pay increases at the expense of workers’ benefits are hard for you to stomach, read on.

Verizon Wireless recently implemented a $30 upgrade fee on all cellphones. It’s money that comes out of the consumer’s pocket, bypasses Verizon Wireless’ workers -- who are facing increased health care costs and gutted pensions -- and flows directly into the hands of Verizon’s rich shareholders and super-rich CEO.

What’s more, Verizon Communications just tripled CEO Lowell McAdam’s salary while the company continues to eliminate thousands of American jobs and send them overseas.

These abuses are all symptomatic of the same disease – rampant corporate greed. Verizon Communications could provide good middle-class jobs and make a profit without charging customers extra for upgrades.

You can be the cure: Pledge now to stand up for Verizon's workers. 


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    • Jordan Salmon EL PASO, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      I don't like getting slapped in the face for being a loyal friend.

    • jessica omena LAKEWOOD, OH
      • over 2 years ago

      this 30 dollar fee is total crap!! loyal customers paying for a dumb fee, Ive never heard of such crap !!

    • yujia liu NEW YORK, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      remove the "upgrade fee" please.

    • kathy ellis SANTA CRUZ, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Over charge for service, orerage charge surprise was over four hundred dollars one time, renewal charged over thirty dollars and required I rebuy the charging adapters because AGAIN they had changed the shape of the plug in, and gave bad phone battery dies, did not put on hold as asked when out of country for a month, drops calls

    • Issa Rafeedie TEMECULA, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Cell companies have become the some of the greediest corporations out there. They are included with the other evil empires such insurance, cable, satellite companies and such. Not too many years ago, your bill was expensive when it went over $50 for a household. Now it’s common for a $300+ monthly bill for a family. I just recently got an overage charge of $445 because my son was talking to a friend without realizing their phone was not a Verizon phone. The overage was 110%+ more than the entire bill. Just because a mistake was made, the punishment is severe. If we had realized what was going on we would have added that phone number to friends and family and there would not have been any additional charges for the minutes used. So the minutes would have been used at no additional charges. It was just an oversight. Yes, it was an oversight on our part but Verizon wouldn’t do anything about it. This is highway robbery. If we had put the phone on friends and family the minutes would have still been used without charges, so the facility is available and they would not do anything about it. Their response is: you used it, you owe it. There whole system is set up for us to fail and as soon as you fail, they are there ready to pounce on you like dogs on raw meat. Verizon used to be able go back and re-calculate your bill with corrected mistake but I guess they were letting too much money go by without stealing it from their customers. I am sure someone got into a position of authority and made that decision that has increased their profits at the demise of their customers. That’s corporate greed at its worst when it comes to how they treat their customers. These companies have no shame because they are not people in contrast to what Romney would want you to believe. Its only money and profits they are interested in. The more profits they make for the company in the short term, the more money goes into leadership pockets. It’s that simple. The leaders of these corporations only worry about short term profits because they might not be around in the long term and could care less about the long term or the concerns of their customers because it’s a long term effect. They are not going under because a few of us complain without doing anything about it such cancelling their services or going to pay as go only. Stop using all these features they have implemented. We need to stay on top of them because the choices we have are so limited. None of the phone companies are better than the other and the air space is very limited. All we can do stay on top of them and use the internet as our power tool to humiliate them and reduce their profits by stopping the usage of their features. They make it very difficult for someone to complain to them or about them. Regardless of what they say, they don't care about individuals. As the supervisor I was speaking to, was spouting off about high ratings they have in different poles yet he was in the same sentence using his system against us to ensure we pay for what we used. I will not submit to highway robbery and fall for their tactics of an oversight that created an overage 110% above the normal monthly bill instead of recognizing the mistake and helping fix it. The mechanism is there he just didn't want to use it because of his evil arrogant approach to punishment for none use of their tools available. Their website is one of the most difficult to use. They refuse to send out alerts when approaching minute limits or you could spend $5 per phone to have those alerts sent to you yet they don't guarantee it. But when the bill is due, they have the time to call you every day. But to alert you to limits there is no time for that. The alerts would be limiting their profits for the mistakes of their customers. Again they make the systems difficult to manage yet they leave the total responsibility on the customer to manage it properly or pay a heavy price. The talk to us on the phone and love to use the words shared responsibility to put a guilt trip on you for not using their difficult and expensive tools they have available. They basically set you up to fail. We are dropping Verizon and using pay as you go. We are dropping all these features that these companies have suckered us into just as they have done so to many families. These are the things we can do without in these tough times and we will do without them. They are not necessary but nice to have. I am not paying one penny for their robbery. I am sure there are many others that have experienced these issues. Stand up and be heard. Drop these phone companies stop using all these services make them feel the pain in their profits. That is the only thing they understand. They don't understand nor do they care about customer complaints. Once they see that their revenue start to dwindle and their features are not being used and their fancy phones not being bought, it will get their attention. And only then it will get their attention. Thank you for listening.


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