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stop using plastic bags

    1. tracie bonjour
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      tracie bonjour

      madison, WI

For the love of God! These things can't be recycled, we don't know the type of plastic that they are and they are found everywhere....the bottom of the ocean, blowing in the street, landfills, etc. If you won't use a fabric bag then at least use paper, it can be recycled. Or better yet, don't use a bag at all. Use your back pack or throw you tiny item in your purse or pocket. They give bags for the silliest stuff. "Here's your gum ma'am. Do you want paper or plastic?" Sheesh!

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    • Jigna Mistry MUMBAI, MA
      • over 6 years ago

      stop using plastic as well as paper bags (deforestation). cloth bags are the most eco friendly.

    • Val Barnes CHICAGO, IL
      • over 6 years ago

      They are clogging up our land fills, hurting wildlife and polluting the ocean!

    • James Moes SEATTLE, WA
      • about 7 years ago

      'Cause I like canvas bags.

    • Robyn Stone TUSCOLA, IL
      • over 7 years ago

      For quite some time, I had been requesting paper bags—partially because I just like them better. I would rather carry in 3 paper bags than 8-9 small plastic bags, and I find more ways to reuse the paper bags.

      Then I read that paper bags actually cause more carbon emissions than plastic. I'm struggling to find the article again now, so I can't give you specifics at the moment.

      The best idea, as already mentioned, is to bring your own canvas bags. I have a few, but need to add more to my collection! It will take a lot of arm-twisting to ever convince my husband, but I'm working on it!

      Until then, I find ways to reuse the plastic bags that do end up in our house—they're great for lining small trash cans.

    • Robin Vosburg BAKERSFIELD, CA
      • over 7 years ago

      You are right: for one or two small items, I don't need a bag at all. But for shopping, I have several canvas bags, a string bag and two-three insulated bags for cold items that live in my Saturn -- I don't leave home without them. That way there is no chance that I will be at a store and not have an option to plastic (and yes, even paper). I have done this now for some time, and it would never occcur to me to do otherwise. I have almost never had to use the store's bags. I would encourage everyone to have several reusable bags, both canvas, string and insulated. I accumulated mine over a span of about a year and got some for free.


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