Stop Unsafe E-Waste Recycling in Federal Prisons
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Stop Unsafe E-Waste Recycling in Federal Prisons

    1. Matt Kelley
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      Matt Kelley

      New Haven, CT

American prisoners are working today in unsafe electronics recycling plants at seven federal prisons -- outside of the watchful eye of workplace safety regulators.

Prisoners have reported breaking computer CRT monitors with hammers -- releasing toxic chemicals into the air. Others have been denied proper training and safety equipment before they handle electronics full of mercury, lead and other harmful chemicals. Disposal practices are less than ideal.

A former Florida prison staffer has sued the federal prison system after she experienced hair loss, sores, migraines and other conditions that she believes comes from her work near the harmful chemicals from e-waste recycling.

Take action below to call on the federal prison system to end its e-waste programs in order to ensure the safety of staff and prisoners.

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      Te-Ping Chen
      Petition Organizer

      Is recycling ever wrong? Yes — when the process jeopardizes the health of people inside prison.
      For years, activists have raised red flags about unsafe conditions in at least six federal prisons that recycle dangerous computer parts under...


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    • Freda Cobb MARIANNA, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      I am fighting for the right to live a healthy life and so are a lot of the staff and inmates that worked with me in the Federal Industries called Unicor, In Marianna Fla. The toxic recycling began in 1994. We recieved shipments of toxic material that had been sitting on the air strips since the vietnum war (agent orange) and desert storm (Radioactive) and it was not decontaminated. During this time of recycling this agency had never implimented an protection for handling or storing this Toxic night mare. There was never any breathing gear, no ventilation systems in the 127 degree metal buildings only floor fans that circulated the Toxic air. All the protection that inmates were given was the steel toed shoes that was presented to them upon Unicor hire. Its 2012 now and in 2010 the OIG reports stated that they were over the national limit of cadmium and lead. No testing was ever done on the other toxic metals. The agency did get approximantly three week notice before niosh and epa and osha came in. All the evidence was coverd up or shredded, the say that Marianna had no findings it was orderd by the administration to clean up. The one thing that did not get covered up was our health effects. Now we staff and inmates are fighting for the right to live. We are in our 18 year of the Toxic nightmare.


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