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Spanish officials and authorities
Spanish officials and authorities

STOP Toro de la Vega 2014

    1. Occupy for Animals
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      Occupy for Animals

      Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Each year, the second Tuesday of September, the town of Tordesillas (in Valladolid, Spain) is host to a horrific fiesta known as “El Toro de la Vega.”

The festival begins with the release of a bull into the countryside surrounding the town, whereupon dozens of people then pursue the bull on foot and on horseback, stabbing him with daggers and spears until he collapses exhausted on the ground.

The bull’s tail and testicles are then cut off and held aloft as trophies, and the bull is paraded through the town amidst the cheers of bystanders.

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      Spanish officials and authorities

      Señores, Señoras,

      Me acaba de llegar una información con respecto a la manifestación que tendrá lugar in septiembre y durante la cual un pobre toro será una vez mas víctima de una práctica horrible y bárbara en Tordesillas.

      Es realm...

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    Reasons for signing

    • Carla Caimi ITALY
      • 2 days ago

      non esistono animali crudeli solo l'essere umano

    • Janet Eddleston DURHAM, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 3 days ago

      It is barbaric cruel and sadistic and it shameful that it continues

    • ida mackay HORNBY ISLAND, CANADA
      • 7 days ago

      Dear People of Spain,

      I would love to see the enlightenment of all peoples in all countries upon this Earth, which was made by God. I would love all humans to recognize that God made all the animals and all the plants, oceans, etc. We as humans have the power to choose to decline to participate in cruelty. This practice is cruel and keeps the participating humans in a state of ignorance and insensitivity. Please release the cultural practices that support barbarism and cruelty. Bring your people to a new level of living in grace.


      ida mackay

      I wish my Spanish was fluent enough to honor you by communicating this in your lovely language.

      The above are my own words but I also agree with the words below which were composed by the creators of the petition so I also include them.

      Blessings to you and please choose to be for the respect of all living beings.

      Ladies and Gentlemen,

      I am shocked to learn of your annual Toro de la Vega event in which a bull is chased, stabbed, mutilated, and, after enduring prolonged agony and certain terror, is killed.

      This event is promoted as a cultural tradition, a celebration of your heritage and spirit, but your mitigating words and euphemistic descriptions cannot conceal the inherently barbaric nature of this event. Any celebration built on a foundation of extreme animal cruelty, exploitation, and suffering cannot be justified; condemning bulls, or any other animals, to a torturous ceremony for mere entertainment is indefensible. Commemorating your cultural history is admirable, yet subjecting an innocent creature to such a primitive ritual only demonstrates yours as an uncivilized, under-educated society.

      Animals, as humans, are sentient creatures, capable of emotion, thought, and pain; when you support the exploitation of them, you only promote indifference and establish that you are unsympathetic to suffering. Furthermore, the global community will certainly recognize and scoff at your shameless attempts of justification and will refuse to financially contribute to such an archaic demonstration of savagery .

      Indeed, until you ceases the Toro de la Vega in favor of a celebration that embraces compassion and respect towards all living beings, I will necessarily maintain the only ethical decision which is to promote a boycott of your country and your country’s commerce.

      Please choose compassion and empathy and permanently ban the Toro de la Vega and any other rituals that inflict suffering and pain on our animal friends.

      I know your time is limited, and I thank you for your attention to this urgent issue.


      • 9 days ago

      porque los animales sufren mientras las personas se divierten

      • 12 days ago

      has to stop before its to late


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