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Stop this American Horror Story. Tell Walmart to Stop Torturing Pigs

    1. Petition by

      James Cromwell and Mercy For Animals

Walmart’s torture of pigs is a real American horror story. Driven mad from boredom and stress, pregnant pigs confined to filthy gestation crates endure nightmarish conditions I would not wish on my worst enemies. Walmart must stop supporting cruel gestation crates.

Hello, I’m James Cromwell, and I just narrated the latest undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals at a major Walmart pork supplier. What I saw in this video is a living nightmare. And it has got to stop!

At Walmart pork suppliers, thousands of pregnant pigs spend nearly their entire lives crammed into cages so small they can barely move. They can’t turn around, walk or even lie down comfortably for nearly their entire lives.

In the video, pigs can be seen constantly ramming their heads against their tiny stalls out of stress and frustration. These intelligent and social animals are literally driven mad from sheer boredom and lack of stimulation.

Animal welfare experts around the world agree that these crates are inherently cruel and should be phased out. In fact, gestation crates are so cruel they have been banned in nine U.S. states, as well as in the entire European Union.

Responding to consumer concerns, nearly every major food provider in the country, including McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Chipotle, Safeway, Kroger, Kmart and Costco, have demanded their suppliers do away with these cruel crates. Even Walmart Canada has agreed to phase out gestation crates.

But not Walmart in the United States.

Walmart continues to support this blatant animal abuse by selling pork from suppliers who confine pigs in tiny crates.

Please, help me put a stop to this. Take a moment to sign my Change.org petition urging Walmart to do the right thing and demand their pork suppliers stop confining pigs in cruel gestation crates.

Thank you.

James Cromwell



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    Nov 04, 2013

    Please join me and actor James Cromwell in signing this petition urging Walmart to stop torturing pigs. http://t.co/s5hB68SP0W

    Alexandra Paul


    Oct 29, 2013

    James Cromwell and @MercyForAnimals want you to help pigs. See why: http://t.co/eKdOXUaCOE

    Rise Against


    Nov 02, 2013

    Stop this American Horror Story. Tell Walmart to Stop Torturing Pigs http://t.co/3ttSZlyrgr via @change

    Gary Numan Official


    Nov 03, 2013

    This is fuc*ing outrageous! Please sign: “@Change: Warning: Graphic video on this petition from actor James Cromwell http://t.co/lzO2E9PQmH”

    Kate Mara


    Nov 02, 2013

    Tell Walmart to Stop Torturing Pigs: graphic video http://t.co/WEj1sInRIc

    mia farrow

    Reasons for signing

    • Siska Paridaens NINOVE, BELGIUM
      • about 20 hours ago

      Stop this horror!!!

    • Liliane De Jonge WAARSCHOOT, BELGIUM
      • about 23 hours ago

      Teken en deel aub

    • Diana Gaffney SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • 1 day ago

      Walmart. Get your act together. This is disgusting. More members of the general public are becoming aware of issues like this because of the younger generations, their kids. You can try to skirt this and let the media shame you into taking action. The quote below can swap the word nation for corporation. Sort yourself out and operate in a humane manner towards these abused animals.

      “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

      ― Mahatma Gandhi

    • Bodil Andreasen INSJöN, SWEDEN
      • 1 day ago

      The pigs deserve a whole welfare life. An stimulation and social life with other pigs. Maybe they can be out in the fresh air some months in Summertime.

      • 1 day ago

      Walmart treats humans and animals with the worst cruelty. I don't know how the Walton family with their billions can condone this.


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