Stop the Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Stop the Yellowstone Bison Slaughter

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The estimated 4,000 bison in Yellowstone National Park are America's last true, wild herd. Yet, these iconic animals face harassment and slaughter whenever they leave the park in search of food.

It's a tragic story that plays out year after year. Each winter, members of the Yellowstone bison herd descend from the park in search of food. And each year, these animals are hazed back into the park (where food is scarce in the winter), and even slaughtered... all out of exaggerated fear that these amazing animals may transmit disease to the area's livestock.

Over 900 bison were slaughtered in 2005, over 1600 in 2008! Whenever the Yellowstone bison herd gets much larger than 3000, state and federal agencies kill them back in a twisted form of population control.

The latest bison count puts the herd at nearly 4,000, making them particularly vulnerable this winter.

Help stop the slaughter. Tell Interior Secretary Ken Salazar that America's last true, wild bison should be protected.

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