Stop the Victimization of Mothers Reporting Sexual Abuse
  • Petitioned The Honorable Robert Bentley, Governor of Alabama

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Governor of the State of Alabama
The Honorable Robert Bentley, Governor of Alabama

Stop the Victimization of Mothers Reporting Sexual Abuse

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      Zoraida Colon-Collado

      Lakeland, FL

Thousands of mothers in Alabama are losing their parental rights or custody of their children because of the court's stance on the reporting of child sexual abuse. Reporting mothers are treated like criminals, accused of being mentally unstable, abusing their own children, subjected to fines, penalties and jail time, simply for insisting that the State of Alabama do what they claim they will do, investigate the accused child molester, not the people who turn him in!

This costs the Alabama taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in unneccessary court costs, psychological evaluations, supervised visitations, investigations, surveillance and other suppresive techniques utilized by local law enforcement and DHR agents to keep the mothers and children silenced. 

Why? Because the State of Alabama pays for children placed with the father.   Evidence of sexual abuse by the father, including physicians's statements, children's accusations and counselors warnings are suppressed to make it possible to place these innocent children with the very person who is molesting them.  Totally ignoring their purpose for existing, to protect the childen!

Children are abused twice, once by the offending parent then by the investigators, law enforcement officers and courts that refute their testimony, claiming they are lying or being coached, and force them to live with the perpetrator with no supervision.

If you are a mother in this situation, or know of one, please come forward and state your case for all the world to see.  We know that you have been threatened into silence.  Threatened with jail time, loss of your parental rights, fines and penalties.  But until we all come into the light and bring this dirty little secret into the public eye, we will only make them stronger, and doom more mothers and their children  to this horrible fate.

If you are the surviving child of this system, please make your story known here.  We need to hear from you to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is indeed what is happening in Alabama and all over the United States of America.

If you are neither of the above, but care deeply about the fate of innocent children and bringing true justice and impartiality to the judicial system, please sign this petition and pass it on to your friends around the world.

Thank you.


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    • Katy DeKoter SPIRIT LAKE, IA
      • about 2 years ago

      Yup, same old story across the country these days. Unless you have a video of them in the act of sexually abusing your child who is too young to talk.....forget justice. We have only two choices right now.....don't let our child out of our sight and stay married to the perv until the child (and this includes little boys) is old enough to "tell" or go underground with your child and become a fugitive. Either way, you can't keep your children safe of what seems like an ever increasing number of sexually abusing parents (usually fathers.) And we say we prize our children in America. Bull

    • Alyssa Haggerty NAPERVILLE, IL
      • about 2 years ago

      This is a travesty!!! This mothers are trying to save their children from these pedophiles and in return and being treated like the wrong doer.

    • clarence badciong CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI
      • about 2 years ago

      i despise child abuse, sexual or otherwise

    • Jordan Barton LIBERTY, SC
      • about 2 years ago

      To put them with the person who is molesting them and taking away, and jailing the one who wants it stopped is terrible. A huge injustice to the children affected by this and the mothers.

      • about 2 years ago



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