Stop the U.S. From Fueling the Illegal Tiger Trade
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Stop the U.S. From Fueling the Illegal Tiger Trade

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At the same time that tigers are vanishing from their natural habitats, more than 5,000 tigers may exist in captivity in the U.S alone. Loopholes in current regulations allow many tigers to be held without any permit or reporting requirements, putting U.S. captive tigers at risk of entry into the illegal tiger trade - the biggest threat to the survival of wild tigers.

A recent study found that the federal government has no way to determine exactly how many captive tigers are in the U.S., where they are, who owns them, or what happens to them when they die.

This lax management makes the U.S. captive tiger population an easy target for black market sales. Without tighter regulation, this large population could become a "drip feed" of supply to fill demand for tiger parts, thereby perpetuating this market and further threatening wild tiger populations by putting them at increased risk of poaching.

Help strengthen U.S. laws to ensure captive tigers do not contribute to the endangerment of the world's remaining wild tiger populations.

Tell Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to use their authority to close existing loopholes in the permitting and monitoring of captive tigers in the U.S.

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