Stop the train crossing carnage at St Albans Railway Crossing
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Minister for Public Transport & Roads
The Hon. Terry Mulder
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The Honorable Denis Napthine

Stop the train crossing carnage at St Albans Railway Crossing

    1. Dianne  Dejanovic
    2. Petition by

      Dianne Dejanovic

      St Albans, Australia

My son was the latest victim to die at the St Albans Crossing. Christian Dejanovic aged 31 yrs was killed at the crossing on January 24, 2012 -- despite years of promises from both governments to do a grade separation (underground).

Christian took the train to the city centre of Melbourne for one hour to visit me, I kissed him goodbye and gave him a hug. One hour later he was killed at 5.33 pm on the level crossing in St Albans. He is the 16th victim to die on this crossing.

The St Albans Railway Station crossing is ranked amongst the most dangerous in the state of Victoria.  The St Albans community has continued to call for urgent action from various state governments, and the Ballieu government has promised to fund it.  To this date no money has been allocated.

I can never get my son back. 

More lives are at risk every day because the government fails to act.  

I call on the Premier Ted Baillieu and Transport Minister Terry Mulder to protect the lives of  people using the St Albans Railway crossing  by funding their promised grade separation immediately.

On October 1 Christian would have turned 32. I hope we'll be able to show Mr Baillieu by then that we can't wait for another life to be lost for this upgrade to happen. Please sign and share my petition to help ensure we get this dangerous crossing fixed.

In loving memory of my son and the other victims of this dangerous crossing,

Dianne Dejanovic

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    • Rita Warner FRISCO, TX
      • about 1 year ago

      Family lives in StAlbans

    • Nethmi Subasinghe AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      To reduce the number of car accidents and pedestrians being injured, as well as to make St Albans a safer place

    • Tam Dinh AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      It took me 45 mins to cross the railway. Traffic disaster is the norm in this area.

    • Rhiannon Dalglish AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      I lived in St Albans for many years, this level crossing has always been a disaster of poor planning.

    • Elise Berez AUSTRALIA
      • over 1 year ago

      I lived in St Albans until 3 years ago and as time has gone on this rail crossing has had more train services added to it with the line being extended to Watergardens and more services added by Metro and V-line. This is also the main crossing to travel through St Albans on Main Road East/West.This crossing is also in the middle of a very busy shopping hub and frequently used by students at schools nearby and the university. Not to mention communters needing to get to the bus stops scattered in the middle of St Albans. The train station received a much needed upgrade over 10 years ago and it would of made sense to solve the issue of the rail crossing back then when the train line was extended to Watergardens, but of course money is always spent on the other side of town rather then in the west. I have seen other rail crossings which have been upgraded on the other side of town and it is not fair that pedestrians and those using cars need to suffer through this nightmare location. Anyone knows the times of day to avoid this crossing, but what is the solution? Why should we have to drive up to Taylors road to use the underpass? And forget trying to cross the crossing at Ginnifer. We all pay fees to the council, vic roads and taxes and they all want to collect, but not work on this huge issue.


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