STOP the toxic chemicals the timber industry is spraying into our communities.
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STOP the toxic chemicals the timber industry is spraying into our communities.

    1. Joel & Audrey Moore
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      Joel & Audrey Moore

      Selma, OR

Over 30 years of spraying toxic chemicals is long enough. Citizens throughout the state are simply seeking the Peace, Safety and Happiness afforded us in Oregon’s Constitution. As well as what should be a given: Our Right to Health. Citizens are forced to live with highly toxic chemicals, often sprayed by helicopters into neighborhoods and communities throughout our state by the timber industry and with zero recourse. The poisons are used as the "fast, cheap and easy method" to kill competition for sun and water, to the conifer trees planted after their clear-cutting.

Oregon's long history of spraying these poisons needs to end. Chemicals such as Atrazine - banned in the EU since 2003, 2,4-D - half of Agent Orange, and Glyphosate - a known endocrine disruptor have no place in a healthy society nor residential neighborhoods.  The fact Corp profits hold more value than people’s health and lives is unconscionable. Why would any state want or allow toxic chemicals to be sprayed into the air we share, next to our schools, homes, businesses and water resources? Yet, Oregon crafted the Right to Farm and Forest Act to literally protect the industry, while preventing ANYONE from holding those suspected of chemical trespass accountable.  

Oregon’s 2011Chemical Exposure Investigation determined probable trespass, yet remains on hiatus. The investigation needs to resume immediately, especially knowing spring is the peak season for more spraying. Due to Oregon rules, laws, and regulations the only person with the power to stop the spraying is our Governor. We need Governor Kitzhaber to issue an Emergency Moratorium.  A precautionary break from these toxins, especially with the current investigation on hold and zero monitoring taking place. A Moratorium would allow time for the investigation to begin anew, initiate the much-needed Drift studies, determine the cause of the trespass and resolve this issue, once and for all. Visit or for the full story.



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    2. Less than 65 hrs to build a strong enough VOICE our Governor will hear us

      Joel & Audrey Moore
      Petition Organizer

      All who want these pesticides to finally stop, we need YOU.

      It is TIME we unite to stop the timber poisoning, BUT---we need more Voices. Please encourage everyone to do whatever they can, to spread the word and then encourage everyone they know to do the same. All who want to end these pesticides need to now walk the talk, gather the supporters of this cause and help us make this happen. Our 2nd meeting with Richard Whitman is the 11th. This time we need to be sure they hear us loud and clear!

      Let's show the snail how the frog can jump and get us where we need to be by Wednesday.

      THANK YOU ALL for your every effort! We CAN do this !!! Together !

      * We have also launched a Moratorium Now poster campaign ~

    3. S.T.O.P.s next mtg with Gov's Nat'l Res. Dir. Richard Whitman is 7/11.

      Joel & Audrey Moore
      Petition Organizer

      We are wanting to go into this meeting representing the Voices of Oregon---We need these numbers to be in the thousands for us to represent all in Oregon who have been working to stop the pesticides for well over 40 years.
      Asking our Governor for a Moratorium is a big deal, however without the people of this state supporting such a request, we are but but one small group of Voices. PLEASE pass this petition far and wide, post it on your Facebook page, add it to all of your communications, let everyone know - we need support in our efforts to STOP THE POISONING.

      Thank you.

    4. Reached 500 signatures

      Joel & Audrey Moore
      Petition Organizer

      Finally~ our story is being told through the media~ Thank you Ingrid Lobet, Western Bureau Chief, Living on Earth-Public Radio Int'l
      Oregon's Chemical Clear-Cuts---Audio link w/ script.

    6. Reached 250 signatures


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    • Sarah Thiemann LOUISVILLE, KY
      • 9 days ago

      I grew up in Oregon where spraying was used for the harvesting of tree for lumber. When I moved to Kentucky the birds were so abundant we could record the on "tape" and it was like an orchestra - absolutely beautiful. There was not any spraying here at the time. It matters...we let nature takes its really matters.

    • Sheila Swinford TOLEDO, OR
      • about 1 month ago

      I live in the industrial forest on a large fishbearing creek. We are growing much of our own food. Our livestock was affected by spray in an event year before last.

      The toxic spray is an additional travesty to the destruction of the natural forest environment with the 32 year cycle clearcuts.

    • john bias SALT LAKE CITY, UT
      • about 1 month ago

      I must utter power of Shem HaMeforash to STOP the toxic chemicals the timber industry is spraying into our communities.

    • Lavern Clark COLUMBUS, GA
      • 2 months ago

      Justice and I am a citizen!

    • Brenda Frantz CALDONIA, MI
      • 2 months ago

      Really? Why and what are these Chemicals used? It's a violation against Earth. Don't make things you cannot destroy.


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